SBT visits European Sign Expo



SBT visits European Sign Expo



This summer 2013, Mary Lou Goehrung, President, Scott Goehrung, VP of Technology and Stacy Shapiro, VP of Client Development attended the European Sign Expo, as well as the FESPA digital and textile printing exhibition in London, England.   

In order to keep our reputation as always staying on the edge of technology and product offerings, they ventured aboard to answer the question…What is the newest and greatest in Europe that we can bring back to US to offer our clients, so they can keep ahead of the curve?      

Success! Our knowledge was greatly increased by this trip.  We found a new Fuii hybrid printer that had been  in  use in Europe for 8 months, but was new to the US market.  It  prints direct roll to roll and also prints up to 5’ x 10’ as a flatbed printer for rigid materials.   This printer also prints white and a clear coat.  Clear coat can be used as a glossy spot  effect or an overall gloss.     We are pleased to announce it is up and running in our facility in Rockville. We are among  15 US sites using it currently.   

On the material side, we discovered many new vinyls to print on,  that are only available from the European market.  They have not been marketed in the US, but we know the secret to get them now.  Currently, we are producing a large logo sign for Georgetown Prep on one of these new materials, we obtained from the European market.

Lastly, we are having a prototype made in Germany for a unique fabric stand, to augment our Dye Sub in-house fabric printer.  More to come on this product offering  in the near future.       

“Our commitment remains to be on the cutting edge of the

newest and greatest!”