A Guide to Conducting Your Next Sign Audit


A Guide to Conducting Your Next Sign Audit

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Ask yourself: when was the last time you sat down and took a hard look at your signs and displays? Do your signs communicate what’s great about your business in a way that’s consistent and easy to understand? Are they up-to-date with any refreshed logos, colors or key information about your operations?

If you can’t confidently answer these questions, then it’s time for a sign audit!

What does a “sign audit” involve?

While the details are going to vary based on what kind of industry you’re in, some things are going to stay the same no matter what. The basics include making sure that your interior and exterior signs and graphics:

  • Include updated, correct company colors, fonts, logos and other brand identity materials
  • Are clean and absent of distracting visual blemishes
  • Include updated informational elements about your company’s operations
  • Are easy to read at various distances and angles

You’ll also want to check around and make sure that any seasonal promotions, specials, sales or events that you may be running are being promoted – and that anything that may be left over from an earlier such occasion is taken down and stored properly. 

Questions to ask during the audit process

As you begin your signage audit, keep these things in mind:

  1. Do your signs uphold your branding? Believe it or not, signage is often the most influential aspect of your brand due to how consistently visible it is. Great signage should be a natural extension of your visual identity in a way that establishes your company’s values and vision. If it’s not up to speed, it’s time for an update!
  2. Does your signage comply with regulations? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lays out specifications for many signs throughout your building. In addition to federal regulations, many districts also have local standards that govern the use of signage. As fines for non-compliance can be costly, you should always make sure you’re sticking to these standards!
  3. Are your signs visible? Seems like an obvious question, right? But you shouldn’t overlook the issue – make sure there are no trees, plant growth or other distractions blocking the view of your signage. You should also make sure your signs aren’t competing, as too many in one place can visually overwhelm.
  4. Does anything need repairs? We’ve known for a long time that customers are drawn into stores and restaurants based on the quality of their signs – and, on the flip side, will make assumptions about companies based on whether the signage looks old or worn-out. Make it a priority to update any signs that are faded, cracked or otherwise in disrepair.
  5. Are you missing any opportunities? You may have more real estate for your signs and graphics than you think! Outdoors, check windows, walls, doors and even parking areas to ensure that your customers can find their way into your space. Indoors, consider how any blank walls, hallways, windows or doors could be visually updated to contribute to the customer experience.

Another suggestion: use an experienced sign specialist to assist during your audit to help identify your most immediate needs! Trained professionals like the team at Signs By Tomorrow can help you locate specific repair or replacement needs, highlight any missed opportunities for good signage and share their own ideas for further visual enhancement for your building.

If you need assistance conducting your sign audit or are ready for new signs following a successful audit of your own, give us a call!


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