10 Awards To Motivate and Inspire Your Workers


10 Awards To Motivate and Inspire Your Workers

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Mr. or Ms. Fix It Award

Best Dressed Award

Snack King or Queen Award

Leadership Award

Customer Care Award

Follow Through Award

Positivity Award

Attendance Award

Out of the Gate Award

Safety Award

Motivation is crucial in any workplace. It helps increase employee productivity and encourages everyone to achieve bigger goals. It takes consistent motivation towards a vision to bring out the best in any worker. Regardless of which industry you’re in, employees will tend to work harder and be more loyal to the company when they are properly motivated. While some use negative motivators such as fear or punishment, positive motivation such as acrylic awards or plaques can be much more impactful.

There are many ways to use signs and graphics to inspire your employees and boost their desire to accomplish more than they thought possible. The wonderful things about using motivators like these is you don’t necessarily need a special occasion to present them. While many workplaces hand out typical honors like employee of the month, you can get creative with what you choose to reward your workers for. Here are just a few awards you can present to increase the motivation and fun in your workplace.

1. Mr. or Ms. Fix It Award

Is there an employee who can fix just about anything? You can give this fun award to a worker who is usually called upon when anything from the printer to the coffee maker is broken. Because fixing random things around the workplace isn’t usually part of a job description, recognizing someone for going above and beyond in this way can motivate others to pitch in and help even when it’s not a required task. Plus, everyone enjoys getting recognition awards.

2. Best Dressed Award

Most workplaces have an employee known for always looking sharp. When someone makes an effort to represent the company well by putting extra time into wardrobe and hygiene, it can inspire others to take their outfits up a notch. What better way to show a worker you notice their intentionality when preparing for work than by giving them an engraved plaque?

Employee Recognition Award

3. Snack King or Queen Award

For the person who’s always bringing tasty treats to share with coworkers, custom acrylic awards can let him or her know you notice the contribution they make towards team building. Even though sharing is something most people are taught as young children, adults can often have trouble in this area. Recognizing a worker for sharing something small like homemade brownies can motivate others to engage in positive behavior with their coworkers.

4. Leadership Award

On a more serious note, it is important to reward someone who steps up time and again to rally other team members or take charge in a tough situation. Receiving a trophy for leadership can not only encourage an employee to continue being a strong voice but also demonstrate to others the value in using your abilities for the good of the team and company.

5. Customer Care Award

Every workplace has customers or clients, and there is usually someone who is able to handle even the most frustrating customer situation with calm professionalism. Since gaining and retaining clients is how you grow a company, an engraved plaque for superior customer care sitting on the desk of an employee can show everyone how highly you regard customer service.

6. Follow Through Award

There is huge value in knowing a task you assigned will be completed with excellence and on time. If there is an employee who you can always count on to get things done, be thorough or produce quality work, use award engraving to present him or her with a personalized award. Reliability is a valuable trait in an employee, and being recognized for consistent effort can increase worker loyalty and inspire similar behavior among other employees.

7. Positivity Award

Frustration can occur on a daily basis in the workplace. When an employee is known for always seeing the bright side of a situation or encouraging others to keep good attitudes, he or she deserves to be rewarded. Negative messages are everywhere and it takes special effort to avoid succumbing to them and letting a poor attitude influence performance. Engraved awards are a wonderful way to recognize beneficial character traits like positivity.

8. Attendance Award

An employee who comes to work day in and day out, even when he or she is having a tough day or things in the workplace are stressful, should be rewarded. Perhaps you have an employee who is always willing to pick up extra shifts or come in on a day off. Someone who shows up early and stays late. When so many people make excuses to avoid work, someone with drive and commitment should be rewarded.

9. Out of the Gate Award

New employees typically take time to adjust and feel things out. When a recently hired worker tackles a bigger task or volunteers for a more difficult assignment, recognize his or her courage. Let employees know it is a good thing to overcome fear and try new things. Medals can be a good way to show employees you appreciate someone taking initiative and being self-motivated to achieve goals.

10. Safety Award

Whether it is double checking to make sure alarms are set and doors are locked or making sure everyone is wearing appropriate gear, it is helpful to have an employee dedicated to keeping the workplace safe. Protocols are in place for a reason, and an employee who follows them even when it might be inconvenient is an asset to your team. Accidents are disruptive and costly, so employees who assist with avoiding them should get an award.

Whether it is in large or small ways, employees who make a difference in the workplace are worth keeping around. Putting in a small amount of effort to make them feel valued can go a long way towards encouraging them to keep up the good work.

The more you let people know they are appreciated, the better your workplace will be! Talk to the experts at Signs By Tomorrow® Spartanburg.

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