Office Graphics: Part II Improving Employee Productivity & Morale


Office Graphics: Part II Improving Employee Productivity & Morale

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To inspire your workers, you’ll need more than plain walls in your office! Graphic selections and color enhancements can go a long way in increasing worker productivity and improving morale.

By productivity, we're not speaking about someone sitting at their desk working with their head down all day. In today’s workplace, the term encompasses creating ideas, solving problems and collaborating.

The benefits of inspiring office graphics also extend to employee retention and recruitment. The more satisfied your workers, the more likely they are to stay with you. What’s more, if given a choice between a well-designed workplace and one where interior décor is lacking, most job candidates will select the workspace that’s most welcoming.

Custom wall and window graphics are perhaps the easiest and most effective ways to liven up any interior space. You can add color, enhance visual appeal and inspire with messages. These vinyl solutions are affordable, easy to install and replaced with ease. They also enable you to refresh graphics regularly with no damage to the walls or windows you mount them on.

So, how best to improve worker productivity and morale with graphics? Here are some thought starters:

  • Post inspirational messages with vinyl lettering; “The harder you work, the more luck you have” is one example, and so is the more whimsical, “Be awesome today!”
  • Develop focus walls with custom vinyl graphics featuring your company’s achievements
  • Create employee “walls of fame” showcasing the photos and achievements of this year’s top performers
  • Mount color wall graphics of recent company picnics or employee golf tournaments
  • Add window graphics to select locations; translucent vinyl keeps workplaces bright while affording a measure of privacy to those working or hosting meetings

Of course, no discussion of employee productivity and morale should ignore the role of color in your office décor. Per University of Texas research, bland wall colors such as beige, gray and white can induce feelings of depression.

Colors don’t just affect our moods; they also impact worker productivity. For example, red is believed to be active, intense and eye-catching (and hence its use on fire trucks and clearance sales signs). With this in mind, many call attention to their office graphics by adding elements of red.

Yellow is viewed by color psychologists as the shade of optimism. Communicating energy and freshness, this hue is believed to stimulate innovation. It’s often the choice for office environments where artists, designers, writers and other creative professionals work.

To improve efficiency, focus and an overall sense of well-being, many look to calming blue and restful green. For employers seeking happier, more effective workers, these two colors are great choices.

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