Metal Signs

Metal Traffic Sign Bear Creek Murrieta
Cast Aluminum Letters on Aluminum
Aluminum on Steel Frame
Formed Plastic Letters on Aluminum
Aluminum w/o Frame
Metal Sign Bear Creek Murrieta
Metal Sign Axene Temecula
Flat Cut Metal
Menifee Lakes
Bear Creek Real Estate
Falkner Winery
Metal Sign Bear Creek Murrieta
Aluminum Monument
Aluminum Parking
6' x 40' Aluminum Composite
Aluminum Sign_Steve Adamiak
Bear Creek  aluminum real estate sign
Gemini Formed Plastic - Temecula
Aluminum Sign - Temecula Wine Country

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Temecula Valley, CA

Metal Signs - The durable signage solution!

Metal signs are the perfect solution for exterior signage installations. Aluminum and aluminum composite signs come in a variety of colors and thicknesses to ensure your signage stands the test of time.


Thinner “.040” aluminum signs are an affordable and durable option recommended for attachment on walls or flexible surfaces like chain link fences, or when hanging freely. Thicker “.080” aluminum is recommended for use on partially-supported surfaces like stakes and posts. Depth and a more significant appearance can be achieved by mouning aluminum faces on metal tubing frames.

Aluminum Composite

Alumalite, Di-bond and Nu-Alum are materials that sandwich plastics with thin aluminum frames. Composite metal signs are built for durability and appeal. Lacquered metal finishes create a clean look. Plastic cores create a rigid yet light product.

Composite metal signs are the perfect solutions for: back lit signs, post & panel signs, scoreboards and wall or fence mounted signs.

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