Put your foot down: Make the most of your signage space with Floor Graphics!


Put your foot down: Make the most of your signage space with Floor Graphics!

Printed in up to four colors, featuring a non-slip finish and applicable to a wide variety of surfaces indoors and out, floor graphics are an unconventional but effective way to put your promotional or informational messages where few people can miss them—right at their feet!

Use them in retail settings to direct shoppers to different departments (Seasonal lawn care this way) or in factories to alert workers to potential hazards (Safety glasses required beyond this point). Floor graphics are ideal for use at special events (Registration ahead). They’re also an obvious solution if you want to apply a sports mascot to a school hallway or athletic playing surface like a basketball court (Go Blue Jays!).

Not surprisingly, marketers are beginning to get creative with floor graphics. One retailer replicated a riverbed on the floor of its fishing equipment aisle; another simulated a spilled can of soda. One graphic even simulated a reclining dog and fleeing fleas to promote a flea and tick spray. No small accomplishment, this floor graphic was in a super-large size and best viewed from mall levels many floors above the application!

Whether your proposed floor graphic application is promotional, informational or simply whimsical, you’ll want to work closely with your custom graphics supplier. They will need to know what type of surface the graphic is intended for—be it concrete, tile or a textured surface like asphalt or short-pile carpeting.

Different graphic films are more (or less) compatible with different surfaces. And floor graphics that don’t adhere properly are not only an aesthetic problem, they’re also a potential hazard. In fact, it’s for safety reasons that floor graphics are installed using two layers: the graphic itself and an over-laminate that prevents premature wear while also protecting pedestrians from slipping.

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