Directory Signs

Directory Signs: Inform and guide guests, staff and customers

When shoppers, clients and guests arrive at your building or campus, directory signage is often the first thing they’ll look for to find their way. Positioned at entryways, near elevators and other key waypoints, directory signs help everyone locate the business, office or location they’re looking for.

Indoor and outdoor building directories are usually among the first signs your visitors will see at your business, so not only do they help direct visitors but also make a good initial impression.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, directory signs are ideal for commercial and residential buildings and a vital part of your wayfinding system. Building directory signs are also easily customizable to your branding, so it will support your message and corporate identity.

When you work with Signs By Tomorrow Wilmington, we’ll make sure all of your questions and concerns regarding directory signage and placement are addressed.

What Kind of Directory Signs Should You Have?

A complete wayfinding system includes a number of different signage types depending on your business needs. Consider incorporating the following:

  • ADA-compliant 
  • Campus maps 
  • Digital directory signs
  • Directory name strips 
  • Floor directories 
  • Illuminated directories 
  • Kiosk lobby directories 
  • Recessed directories 
  • Surface-mounted  
  • Wall-mounted directories 

Is it Easy to Update or Change Directory Signs?

Yes! If you own and operate a property with multiple businesses, offices and tenants, you likely need to update your roster on a somewhat regular basis. Changing names, numbers or other crucial information on your office directory signs can be accomplished by using:  

  • Changeable nameplates: Laser-engraved in plastic or metal with the tenant’s information, nameplates easily slide in and out of your directory. New and updated nameplates can be engraved as needed.
  • Changeable paper inserts: Like their plastic or metal counterparts, paper inserts also slide in and out of your directory. The advantage here is that they can often be printed at your facility, instead of requiring custom engraving.
  • Digital listings: Entries can be easily updated at any time and from any location with software on your computer or mobile device if you have a digital building directory.

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