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Deck the Walls: What are the Benefits of Wall Graphics?

Deck the Walls: What are the Benefits of Wall Graphics?

With today’s advancements in affordable wall graphics, you can bid goodbye to bland and unimaginative stores, restaurants, offices, schools and other facilities! Custom wall graphics and wall murals enable you to boost your brand, inform your guests and workers or enhance your décor.

You can choose from several styles. Vinyl lettering helps you display a company name, inspirational quote or mission statement. Custom wall decals (i.e., wall stickers) are ideal for showcasing a logo or other graphics on a portion of a wall.

Go big or go home! Custom vinyl wall wraps and wall murals can stretch to all four corners of a wall if they’re digitally printed in vinyl. They also feature a laminate to protect the print and provide an attractive finish such as gloss, luster or matte.

One other option is digitally printed custom wallpaper that can brandish a scenic mural. Of course, custom wallpaper can also feature a one-of-a-kind pattern, color or texture not found in off-the-shelf wallpaper choices.

5 Benefits to Wall Graphics

1.Wall graphics create a memorable experience. Wisk them away to Paris in a French restaurant with a large mural of la Seine. Honor key contributors at a hospital with their photos. Commemorate a school victory with a photo of the team hoisting the championship trophy. Let your imagination inspire you!

2.Wall graphics reinforce your brand. Custom wall decals allow you to present logos, slogans, and key products. Create a “history wall” of original blueprints to emphasize your heritage. Or, personalize your walls with wall wraps or wallpaper in your corporate colors. Don’t let valuable square footage go unused!

3.Wall graphics can be removable or permanent. Custom vinyl lettering, removable wall decals, and vinyl wall wraps let you change your look often for new seasons or special events. Custom wallpaper is the choice for longer-term applications.

4.Wall graphics are durable. They’re also almost maintenance free. In busy areas, painted walls may need frequent cleaning to maintain a like-new appearance. In contrast, vinyl lettering, custom decals, and vinyl wall wraps are highly durable and require little upkeep.

5.Wall graphics are economical. With wall decals and vinyl wall wraps, you can produce true-to-life landscapes, photographs, and art at a fraction of the cost and time required for hand-painted designs or murals.


Spruce up your space! Visit Signs By Tomorrow Arlington Heights for affordable solutions in wall graphics.

Our temporary, re-positional or permanent custom indoor wall coverings can transform ordinary walls into interior design masterpieces or brand showcases. What’s more, we have solutions for every application and budget! To get started, contact us today.

Problem Solvers

We’re no scientists, here at Signs By Tomorrow, but from time to time, we are tasked with solving some real head-scratchers.  How do you take an exterior sign, that’s bound by natural lighting conditions we cannot control, and make it visible 24 hours a day? Sure, during the day, the black letters are nicely contrasted against the light beige background. But those same black letters, would completely disappear at night. We find the answer to that question to be somewhat… illuminating. ;)

Major Achievements

While attending the 2017 Alliance Franchise Brands National Conference, Signs By Tomorrow, Arlington Heights received an Outstanding Performance Award. Based on our sales achievements, we were noted as the 2nd Highest Volume Diamond Center within the network. We had a fantastic 2016 and we’re off to an even greater start in 2017. Congratulations to the SBT ownership and staff!

Delivering A Powerful Message

Whether you want to motivate your employees or challenge your students to do better in school, it can be a struggle at times to come up with the perfect vehicle to deliver that message. That’s where wall graphics come on. Large, effective and relatively inexpensive, they could be the perfect way to display motivational messages, company mission statements and school mottos and slogans. From simple lettering to colorful wall murals with dimensional graphics, the sky is no longer the limit.

Unique Look

With all the bells and whistles at our disposal, it is easy to forget that simplicity can be the best weapon in our creative arsenal! Sometimes, all it takes to achieve that eye-catching look, is the right kind of material. Yeah, we could have used all sorts of colors and images in the wrap, but that wouldn’t have suited a luxury car like this Mercedes. The understated, subtle look of Carbon Fiber is exactly what this car needed, giving it a deluxe, matte look that would turn anyone’s head.


Effective wayfinding solutions are of the utmost importance when dealing with high traffic, in interior and exterior public places. When done incorrectly, visitors may become confused, disoriented and irritated with the lack of proper directional signage. But wayfinding is not just limited to arrows pointing every which way. Identification and informational signs are just as crucial as the arrows that guide you to your destination. And while the signs should look aesthetically pleasing, they must also fit within the greater scheme of not only the company’s branding, but also the interior design of the space.

We Asked. You Answered

A few weeks ago, we’d asked our clients to help us select a layout for our own, internal wall mural. We received an overwhelming amount of responses throughout our various social media accounts, emails, texts and face to face conversations. The masses had spoken. There was no contest, really. No other option would do. It seems that it was always going to be this stunning, painted view of Chicago at its finest. Windy and beautiful. Shinning ever so bright. For a closer look at the behind the scenes of the installation process, please visit our Facebook and watch the video!

Happy Holidays!

Signs By Tomorrow, Arlington Heights, wanted to take a small moment from designing and building your signs, to say 'thank you' to all of our fantastic clients! Thank you for making this year a most memorable one.

Happy Holidays! We hope to see more of you in 2017!

The Key To Successful Signage

The key to successful signage implementation, is asking a lot of question. And not just any questions, but the right ones. We ask the questions first internally, before going to our clients. What does the client do? What image are they trying to project onto THEIR clients? How does the rest of their brand fit in with the signage they’re requesting? All of these questions, and many more, go through our entire team before we ready our proposal. Doing so, impresses upon our clients, our commitment to keeping the integrity of their brand as strong and sound as we are able to. And the results, well they often speak for themselves.

Talking The Talk, Walking The Walk

When it comes to vehicle graphics, we’re pulling away from the pack, as we take full advantage of top of the line print technologies, media, design and installation techniques. Backed by the impressive 3M MCS Warranty, we’re not shying away from any challenge. But it’s all talk, unless we can prove ourselves to our clients. And what better way to do so, than by wrapping our own company cargo van. So, Chicago, if you see this van on the street, make sure to take a closer look and remember… your vehicles can look like this too.

Portfolio Pieces

There are times when our clients request a specific look or feel for a sign, and it becomes our job to sift through the hundreds of different production methods to come up with the right solution. Other times, the solution stares us right in our faces from the get go, like this HDU Sandblasted Sign. We only have to recognize it, when we see it. It’s never easy, and we never want it to be. Because easy is no fun, and fun is what takes our work to the next level.

When the time comes for new logos to go up in vestibules, waiting rooms, hallways and conference rooms, our clients rely on us to take their two dimensional graphics and make them pop. It is our job to make sure that their logos are impressive & eye-catching, while remaining true and consistent with any branding guidelines that our clients may have. It is a delicate balancing act, translating 2D to 3D, but the results, often times, can transcend the original graphic – creating something interesting and unique in the process.

If you live in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, chances are you’d driven by the Mount Prospect Water Tower once or twice. The village is turning 100 years old on February 3, 2017, and to celebrate this occasion, they’d commissioned Signs By Tomorrow, Arlington Heights to mount 2 brand new logos to the sides of the Water Tower. Next time you’re driving by, you’ll no doubt notice the tower, and the logos on the sides of it, shinning bright in the sun.

Vehicle Wraps are an amazing, long lasting and relatively inexpensive way to promote your business. They are always on the move, entering new markets and putting fresh eyes on your phone numbers and web page addresses. They can be simple or complex. Full or partial wraps. They can be visual eye candy, catching everyone’s attention, or informative and straight to the point. The sky is the limit. Using your input, notes and ideas, our creative services can produce a design for you that will meet your specific needs. We are also 3M certified, something that not all signage companies can claim, which means we are backed by industry leaders when it comes to technology, materials and installation methods. To read more about our 3M Warranty, please head over to our news blast.

And if you're curious about how these wraps are installed, visit out FACEBOOK page and see the short start-to-finish video.

Stairs can become prime real estate for marketing, advertising and other such messages. In this case, a school had decided to fill their steps with positive, encouraging messages for their students.  As you can see, such messages would be hard to avoid, making them very effective signage solutions. And effective signage solutions is what we’re all about!

If you’d ever worked at or visited a warehouse, you’d agree that these buildings can be massive, hard to navigate and potentially dangerous, if not paying attention. The importance of appropriate signage in these spaces becomes very evident almost immediately. Warnings, wayfinding, identification, crucial guidelines and other important signage will most likely be peppered all over the place. Over time, however, if there were no visual guidelines established in the planning stage, this signage will start to look like a mosaic of different colors, fonts and images, with no rhyme or reason behind it. While some of it may remain effective, taken as a whole, the inconsistencies will make it look disorganized. To avoid this, we work with our clients to established a specific look that reflects their branding guidelines (such as colors, logos and fonts), and maintain this attractive and practical design throughout their facility. The result is a unified interior (and exterior) space that compliments the building, company and its employees.

Entryways to your business are one of the first impressions that your visitors can have of you. They can either make or break that vital first contact with a new client. What do naked walls, subpar signage or dated graphics say about you? What do you want to say to your visitors as they enter your business? If outside visits to your offices are an integral part of your everyday business plan, then considering their first impressions must become part of your overall strategy!

There are companies out there, that provide essential and important services, but you'd be hard pressed to call what they do "glamorous". When they partner with us, it becomes our job to make sure that their marketing and tradeshow signage is not only effective but also esthetically pleasing. There is real strategy behind our designs. We connect the look of the marketing pieces, to the overall branding scheme of the company. The result is an attractive and cohesive look that exudes professionalism and legitimacy for our clients.

Your company is import. Its image is doubly important. And if your company happens to be in marketing... well your image is your currency. If your clients visit your office space and you have nothing but bare walls, what will that communicate to them? If your own branding isn't important to you, how will you treat their branding?

It doesn't take much to put together an impressive donor wall. Combine a good design concept with the right materials and you can transform a naked eye-sore of a wall into something people talk about long after they'd left your building.

The Inside Scoop

Sometimes, a conference room is not a conference room, but an extra space for production. And sometimes, a boss is not a boss, but an extra pair of hands. No one on our team is afraid to roll up their sleeves and get things done, when we're busy. When the going gets tough, the tough take over the conference room.

Portfolio Pieces

Most would agree, that standard parking signs are boring. Sticking out of the ground with typical green, blue or red lettering. But they don't have to be. Utilizing the latest print technologies and our Creative Services department, the sky's the limit. We can custom design a parking sign just for your company, including any logos or pictograms you may want us to use.

Most of the time, we're able to gauge what a particular project will entail from talking to the client, reviewing photos and doing shop drawings. But there are times when a site visit is not only appropriate, but also necessary. We review the conditions, take measurements where needed and discuss solutions with the client right there on the spot. Some projects can be challenging, like the above custom display case. But we don't shy away from such experiences. We relish them.

The Inside Scoop

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -Henry Ford

Even before we all worked together, we were friends and family. Our Production and Customer Experience managers (Kevin and Jason) at Kevin's football game.

Portfolio Pieces

We've all seen those boring restroom signs at our local malls and offices. You know the ones. Black background, white text and rounded corners. But did you know that they don't have to be like that? In fact, outside of a few specific traits, they can look like anything you want them to! And if you want to stand out, we'll think outside of the box for you.

No matter how "out there" your company logo is, we can figure out a way to make it look good and practical in the real world. Multiple layers, custom shapes and texture patterns. We've seen it all!

The Inside Scoop

Our day doesn't always end when the clock hits 5:30. Often times we stay late to brainstorm, discuss and evaluate on-going and up-coming projects. We put our feet up, and talk things through in a relaxed atmosphere, free of the pressures of the typical working day.

Portfolio Pieces

Can you smell it? Summer's coming. Right around the corner! And we can't wait to get out there. All the activities and sports. Museums and tours. And the food. Of course we've got the best food. And when you see an exterior illuminated sign like Smokin' T's you can't help but think of mouth watering BBQ!

The Inside Scoop

Surrounded by a forest of print media rolls, Alex, our hands-on Business Development Manager, assists in making sure that her latest project is printing correctly.



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