Four tips for three-dimensional signs!


Four tips for three-dimensional signs!

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There’s plenty of places for two-dimensional signs around your building, office or workplace. But for many of these applications, adding the third dimension can provide the kind of visual impact your brand needs.  

Here’s a few things you may want to consider when thinking about 2D versus 3D signs: 

  1. Raise awareness with raised lettering: It’s a simple change but taking your existing text or logo and making it stand out with channel letters can have a noticeable impact for your business. It quite literally pops out from a sign or from your building, meaning the natural light and shadows will play off of it. The added visual dimension creates eye-catching interest from afar! 
  2. Think in layers: Dimensional letters, branding and other design elements are often applied to other types and styles of signs. This means you can create dimension on top of dimension to grab attention where you need it to be. A 3D logo can pop even more when you mount it on a contrasting background – be sure to consider all options for every layer of your sign! 
  3. Light up your brand: It’s easy to call even more attention to your dimensional signs by incorporating lighting elements. For example, you can backlight channel letters to create a sophisticated “halo” effect for an indoor lobby sign featuring your logo. You can also spotlight dimensional signs both indoors and out to cast dramatic shadows that draw customers’ eyes right to you! 
  4. Don’t just stand out, dig deep: You may also want to consider other ways to create a third dimension, such as with carved or routed lettering and graphics. This can be done to create a similar 3D effect on materials such as wood or high-density urethane. Carving your logo into a sign can create similar drama with your designs, given how light will naturally create shadows and visual interest. 

No matter what you choose to do with your signs, it always pays to go with a pro – contact the team at your local Signs By Tomorrow to start discussing your needs today! 


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