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Discover a brighter, more dynamic way to attract and inform with digital signs

Increasingly popular with users of all types, today’s digital signs employ technologies such as LCD (liquid crystal diodes), LED (light-emitting diodes) and projection to display content in a bright and eye-catching manner.

These electronic displays — either LCD, LED or projection — can show just about anything you wish. Use them anywhere indoors or outdoors to showcase advertising, animations, live or taped broadcasts, menus, information videos and more. With them, you can inform or entertain almost any audience because the content can be custom tailored to any occasion or situation!

LED signboards, for example, can display static messages or scrolling text to promote different products, services or events. Some digital monitors can likewise display scrolling images, such as a series of posters, while others present video content or streaming media much like a television, monitor or movie screen. The next step up? Interactive digital signage that actively engages your audience to entertain, inform or advertise!

With so many types of digital signs, there’s sure to be an effective and affordable one to enhance your trade show display or otherwise benefit your business or organization. At Signs By Tomorrow®, you’ll find them all — including ones customized to your specifications and budget.

Select from all types of digital signage

At Signs By Tomorrow, you’ll choose from today’s most popular digital signage solutions. Not sure which type is best for your application? Our experts will guide you through options including:

  • Ceiling-mounted digital signage: Often used in stores, quick-serve restaurants, arenas and transportation terminals, ceiling-mounted digital signage offers users two primary benefits. Your floor space is reserved for merchandise or pedestrians. What’s more, digital signage that’s mounted on ceilings is almost impossible for your audience to miss — provided, of course, it’s not positioned above a visitor’s field of vision!

  • Digital menu boards: These electronic displays can be utilized as stand-alone solutions or as networked displays for even greater impact. Digital menu boards make use of an LCD monitor. They’re often used in restaurants because they allow owners to update menu prices and items from anywhere. Users can also update promotions daily or even hourly. For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items can be featured as serving hours change!

  • Digital posters: These digital signage options are among the most affordable and effective marketing choices available. Digital posters employ high-definition (HD) displays and a built-in media player. Usually mounted flat against a wall and requiring little space, they’re often housed in simple but attractive LCD enclosures. Simple to install and easy to maintain, digital posters can be used in either portrait (i.e., vertical) or landscape (i.e., horizontal) orientations. Smaller-size digital posters are often employed as point-of-sale (POS) advertisements or digital menu boards.

  • Free-standing digital displays: Popular for use at trade shows, in retail settings and at stadiums, airports and other venues, free-standing digital displays make use of a floor-mounted display enclosure. Free-standing digital displays are also popular for use as interactive digital signage kiosks. They utilize interactive touch-screen monitors instead of LCD monitors.

  • Indoor digital signage: Retailers and other businesses that want to showcase lists of messages or services to their customer often choose these displays. With indoor digital signage, users can update their advertising quickly. With other content options including live TV, RSS feeds and social media streams, indoor digital signs can display almost any media format!

  • Indoor LED displays:  Bright and easily programmable, indoor LED signs can deliver real-time information. Use them to publicize sales and specials, post productivity gains, communicate safety messages, promote special events or even announce birthdays, anniversaries or significant achievements. Indoor LED displays capture attention with scrolling, flashing, and audio capabilities. Scrolling messages are easily programmed with computer software or handheld remote controls.

  • Outdoor digital signage: Digital signs for out-of-doors applications are typically outdoor LED displays. They can also be LCD displays housed within enclosures that offer protection from wind, weather, theft and vandalism. Like indoor digital signs, versions for outdoor use are gaining application. Why? They offer bright, dynamic and hard-to-ignore messaging that other signage options are hard-pressed to match!

  • Outdoor LED signs: Also termed outdoor electronic message centers, EMCs let users update messages frequently. At a low operating cost, these signs can store and display many different messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals! Because of this, LED signs allow you to communicate more effectively the time of day, weather or price of gas — making them popular at banks and filling stations. As for the threat of harsh weather, outdoor electronic message center cabinets are specially designed to withstand snow, rain and direct sunlight; ultra-bright LEDs are visible anytime!

  • Video walls: Why use just one digital display when several will multiply their impact? That’s the concept behind video walls. These are wall-sized set-ups comprised of multiple computer monitors, video projectors or television sets. They’re usually “tiled” together to form one large and very arresting dynamic image! Video walls are often found in arenas, stadiums and other large public venues. Alternately, some event marketers use video walls on a more modest scale to add impact to their trade show displays.

Enjoy the many benefits of digital signs

Whether used at events or elsewhere, businesses, organizations and nonprofits have discovered there’s a lot to like about digital solutions from Signs By Tomorrow:

  • Digital signage is eye-catching: People pay attention to digital signs like few other options. Why? Consider that the human eye is trained to respond to motion, contrast and color. Digital displays deliver all three!

  • Digital signs are readily customizable: The amazing flexibility of digital displays makes them an increasingly popular signage option. You can easily change content from day-to-day or from event-to-event. If need be, messaging can even be altered at quick notice.

  • Digital displays can be cost-effective: Today’s LED (light emitting diode) displays are capable of years of continuous operation. What’s more, they’re extremely energy efficient. So, you'll keep operating costs to a minimum. 

  • Digital signage can enhance consumer experiences: For example, interactive displays can direct prospects to desired destinations or inform them of products they’re most interested in. Another plus? Unlike most options, displays can distract people as they wait. This can reduce perceived idle times, minimize customer frustration and improve the impression they have of your business!

Take advantage of digital signs in many applications

Digital signage solutions from Signs By Tomorrow are benefiting marketers at trade shows, to be sure, but also in many other applications: These include stores, waiting rooms, quick-serve restaurants, shopping malls, office building lobbies, concourses, airports and even gas stations! In these applications and other, they’re used as:

  • Digital directory displays
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital point-of-purchase displays
  • Digital wayfinding displays
  • Informational digital displays
  • Pricing digital displays
  • Video walls
  • Welcome digital displays

Questions & Answers

Can digital signs be incorporated into other signage?

Yes. While digital signs for business — including digital posters and custom LED signs — stand alone as effective solutions, they also can be integrated into other signage. Either built-in when new or retrofitted to an existing sign, digital displays and LED digital signs can be added to your pylon signsmonument signs or post-and-panel signs. You’ll gain a new, bright and dynamic elements!

See inspiring examples of our many types of digital signs

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. You’ll find our closest, most convenient site by using our Store Locator.

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