Office Graphics: Part III Communicating Your Mission, Vision and Values


Office Graphics: Part III Communicating Your Mission, Vision and Values

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Companies and others seeking to inspire employees and visitors alike while enhancing the appeal of their facility should consider wall and window graphics of their mission, vision and values!
Each statement has a distinct purpose; a mission statement is a written declaration of your organization’s purpose. Your vision statement serves as a road map indicating what you want to become by setting a defined direction for growth. Core values are the fundamental beliefs that guide the efforts of all your team members. 
Most companies and organizations go to considerable lengths to create their mission, vision and value statements, but all too many relegate these important communications to employee manuals!
When buried in a booklet, your team members seldom gain inspiration or guidance from them. What’s more, the clients, partners and vendors who visit your facility aren’t likely to learn what your company seeks to accomplish or the principles by which you adhere. When displayed prominently, these messages become an excellent branding opportunity! 
The solution is affordable, attractive and versatile: Graphics that display your mission, vision and values on the walls and windows of your office! Today’s vinyl solutions make it easy for you to do so:
  • Start simple with vinyl lettering. Applicable to walls or windows, your text will appear as though it’s painted on but at a fraction of the cost of hand lettering! Easy to apply, vinyl letters adhere well but can be considered “semi-permanent.” Like all vinyl solutions, they remove readily at a later date without damage to the underlying surface.
  • Take a step up with adhesive window and wall decals. With them, you can not only display your mission, vision and values but also include visual elements like a logo, graphics or photography. Wall types are highly adaptable. Cover a portion of a wall or go corner-to-corner with a full-wall graphic, photo collage or even a mural!
  • Complement your presentation with etched glass vinyl. It adheres securely to glass doors, partitions and windows and offers a great way to display text, graphics and logos. A plus? Etched glass vinyl is translucent. It allows light to pass through for bright and airy feel yet adds a measure of privacy when mounted on conference room windows or executive office doors. 
Where best to use these office graphic solutions to display your organization’s mission, vision and values? Wherever they’re likely to gain notice! Some suggestions include: 
• Cafeterias
• Conference rooms
• Employee break rooms 
• Executive offices
• Lobbies
• Showrooms
• Reception rooms
• Waiting rooms 
• Well-traveled hallways
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