What is the purpose of your sign?


What is the purpose of your sign?

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Does your signage strategy consider the intent of every graphic? Good signs do more than simply look nice – they serve a purpose. Whether being used to inform, promote or simply spread brand awareness, your signs should create an impression and spur the viewer into action.  

It begs the question: what purposes can signs and graphics serve? There are many, but here are a few of the most common: 

1. To Inform 

Signs have the power to quickly deliver key information to your customers, right where they need it most. Some great choices for informational graphics include: 

2. Wayfinding 

Strategic placement of graphics can influence how foot traffic flows throughout your business. They can highlight key areas, such as different departments, entrances, exits, stairwells and more. Visitors to your establishment are more likely to have a positive experience if they can easily navigate the space, too! Think about using: 

3. Promotion 

When your business has limited-time sales or offers, or is looking to highlight new products, consider how you can use temporary graphics to promote them. Many options allow you to keep the same base while swapping out graphics as you need, giving you the ability to save some money while showcasing what’s hot. Consider: 

4. Brand Awareness 

A well-crafted sign helps to embody your brand identity. Whether your brand has an air of sophistication, warmth, innovation or playfulness, a purpose-driven sign can help enhance that atmosphere. Aligning your signs with your full brand identity is also key to creating consistency across all your marketing channels. Good options include: 

Signs and graphics are already likely a cornerstone of your larger marketing strategy – but making sure that you’re designing and installing signs with a clear purpose can elevate them even further. When you’re ready to tackle your next project, contact Signs By Tomorrow – we can help! 


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