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Salute a durable, attention-grabbing signage solution in custom flags 

Bright, bold, long-lasting and economical when compared to many other promotional options, custom flags from Signs By Tomorrow Boise are an amazingly versatile signage option. Use them indoors or outside to advertise your event, identify your location and support your brand! 

With our custom flag printing capabilities, we’ll create distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs for your flags. Using top-quality inks and advanced wide-format printing technologies, we can accurately reproduce your logo, text and graphics in brilliant color on your custom flag. You’ll be able to enjoy images that are weather-, fade- and abrasion-resistant!  

What custom flag options are there? 

When you partner with Signs By Tomorrow Boise you’ll gain access to a variety of flag shapes and sizes. Choose from: 

  • Feather flags: True to their name, these are shaped like a feather and install with a ground stake or mount. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use due to their small footprint. Their promotional power stands out when they flutter in the wind! 
  • Standard flags: These come in a familiar rectangular shape and usually feature a reinforced grommet strip along one edge to secure your flag to almost any object. They can be produced in a wide range of sizes, including extra-large types for tall flag poles or even the sides of buildings. 
  • Teardrop flags: These function much the same as custom feather flags but are shaped like a teardrop. Indoors, they mount on a sturdy base, but can also be used outside with ground stakes. These are often seen at trade shows or in storefronts to help promote products and services. 
  • Pennant flags: Pennants taper from one end to the other, appearing as elongated triangles. Like standard rectangular flags, they include a reinforced grommet strip to help facilitate mounting.  

What are custom flags made out of? 

Custom flags from Signs By Tomorrow Boise are typically constructed of polyester or nylon. Polyester flags are generally the heavier material, enabling them to resist stronger winds. This offers them greater durability, especially in windy conditions, and makes them a better choice for lengthier outdoor applications. 

Custom nylon flags are usually lighter and thinner than polyester flags, allowing them to blow more easily in the breeze for a dynamic, eye-catching effect. Their thinness also aids in allowing them to be folded up to store between applications. Nylon is also highly water-resistant! 

What are popular uses for custom flags? 

The affordability and versatility of custom flags from Signs By Tomorrow Boise make them a popular choice for a variety of applications. For example, our custom indoor flags and custom outdoor flags are great ways to display your company logo, team spirit or civic pride. Use our custom flags for advertising, supporting a sports team and other applications on a semi-permanent basis. Or simply employ our custom flags as temporary displays for sales or events. 

Outdoors, they’re great at events to identify the site, aid in wayfinding and add to a festive theme. Think grand openings, tent sales, fairs, graduations and more! Indoors, many of our customers use flags to decorate trade show booths or enhance retail promotions. Have a new product or service to introduce? Custom flags add promotional flair! 

What are the best ways to display a custom flag? 

Indoors or outdoors, our flags and flag banners can be showcased in a variety of ways. Fly them from a flagpole. Hang them from a ceiling or overhang. Tie them to a fence, or mount your custom flag on a wall! 

Our flag banners including teardrop flags and custom feather flags offer similar flexibility. Outdoors, they stake into the ground. You can also use a square base or cross base (with extending support legs) either indoors or outside. Weighted water bags or sandbags can aid in stabilizing these bases if used outdoors in windy conditions or indoors in high-traffic areas. 

When you’re ready to get started designing custom flags, contact the team at Signs By Tomorrow Boise to set up a free consultation. 

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Boise professional, call us at 208-345-9900 or email us.

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I am from Kentucky on a road trip to Alaska. Tried to have the signs made in Ky. Gave one sign company 6 weeks notice still no sign for the Sign Post Forest for My Nephews RV PARK. The Right Spot RV Park in Cadiz Ky. Well I called Signs By Tomorrow and got my signs made they did a fantastic job. Yes I will recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys and lady.

5 Star Rating . | June 2024
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