Counter Protection Screens

Man in Face Mask Using Social Distancing Counter Safety Screen
Sneeze Guard Safety Screen in retail environment
Sneeze Guard Safety Screen in reception area
Sneeze Guard Safety Screen in healthcare environment
Customer service staff and customer using Sneeze Guard Safety Screen

Social Distancing Safety Screens

Signs By Tomorrow can produce clear plastic safety screens to help you observe social distancing. Also known as sneeze guards, these screens form a physical barrier against coughing, sneezing and other hazards, creating a safe transaction environment for staff, customers and visitors.

These screens are custom produced to fit your needs, including the addition of graphics or text. Include custom messaging such as “Please don’t touch or lean on the shield," and place multiple screens side-by-side to create a fully encompassing safety barrier.

These safety screens can be used in a variety of business environments, including retail, grocery stores, offices, hospitals and healthcare practices, banks, professional services, restaurants, spas, salons, bars, and more.

What better way to help others and maintain a safer environment for everyone!

Signs By Tomorrow can also assist during the COVID-19 crisis with these other solutions:

  • Health and Hygiene Signs
  • COVID-19 Signage
  • Protective Face Shields
  • Social Distancing Signs

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Protection Screens for Boise ID

Signs By Tomorrow is ready for companies in the Boise, ID, area that are looking for sneeze guards. These protection screens are the perfect option for protecting your customers and employees from the transmission of viral infections. Essential businesses in Boise, ID, can stay safe with sneeze guards made by Signs By Tomorrow. We’re here to help companies and their customers stay safe at these trying times.

Our clear, plastic sneeze guards are made with quality craftsmanship, and they feature a useful transaction window. These are especially beneficial for companies like retail outlets, grocery stores, restaurants and even offices. They are sturdy, light, easy to disinfect and provide a clear visual. Our portable sneeze guards help your business maintain social distancing and can be used on any flat surface.

You can provide peace of mind for your staff and customers by implementing the fundamental steps in protecting them. Get in touch with Signs By Tomorrow for quality-made sneeze guards for your company.

Protection Screens for Your Company

As we face a new way of living, socializing and running a company, we will surely meet some challenges that need out-of-the-box solutions. We don’t want it to be any more difficult for you to conduct business than it already is, so Signs By Tomorrow Boise makes sneeze guards for organizations in the area. We know how hard it is to do business while taking the necessary precautions to maintain ID’s, social distancing regulations and recommendations. Our sneeze guards, protection screens and acrylic shields ease the concerns of your customers and employees and provides that extra level of reassurance. When your business needs to install sneeze guards in order to keep everyone safe, look to America's Sign Company® for assistance.

Signs By Tomorrow manufactures sneeze guards for your business, providing a better environment for your staff and customers while still maintaining that excellent customer service. Acrylic barriers like our sneeze guards, help significantly with social distancing and help safeguard customers and employees alike.

Signs By Tomorrow Boise helps businesses such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Retail Shops & Locations
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Medical Offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery Stores

+Safe environments are critical

Safety Is Important

Our sneeze guards can be made to sit firmly on top of desks, counters and drive thru windows. These barriers are equipped with access windows to easily pass documents, do transactions or other items while still shielding your faces. The plastic protection screens we produce can be cleaned with soap and water or sanitizing sprays to keep germs down to a minimum. In addition, you can include optional messaging and graphics to the protection screen if you need it. We understand that safety is a top concern for businesses in Boise, ID, which is why we’ve stepped up to meet the demand for protective gear.

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Professional Service at Signs By Tomorrow

Your regional experts at Signs By Tomorrow Boise are available to make protection screens for your business in the area. You can maintain safety and social distancing. It’s crucial for companies to make their customers feel safe when they come in and for employees to feel safe and secure at work. Signs By Tomorrow Boise is your go-to option for plastic barriers in the area. Whatever service we do for you, our professionals work with quality craftsmanship. We are pleased to serve all of our customers throughout the Boise, [state _code], area. With the best outcomes and customer service, you’ll be pleased with Signs By Tomorrow. You can look forward to the best services when you contact us.

Reach Out to Signs By Tomorrow

If you’re a business owner in the Boise, ID, area, get in touch with Signs By Tomorrow Boise to get your protection screens. Our team can fulfill several orders in a timely fashion with our cutting-edge production and design equipment. Signs By Tomorrow Boise can help you keep your employees and customers stay safe while your business opens up during this time. Contact us at 208-345-9900 to get sneeze guards and take the necessary safety precautions against the spread of coronavirus.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow professional in the Boise, ID area contact us.