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Add pop to your next event with custom tents and inflatables 

For those times when a sign isn’t enough but a building is too much, Signs By Tomorrow has got you covered. Custom event tents, pop-ups and inflatables create the space you and your visitors need, while helping you create a unique interior atmosphere. Shelter from sun and rain is another benefit guests will appreciate while they stay comfortable. Add to the excitement of your tent with custom-themed graphics and signage that will distinguish your location from all the others.

Let Signs By Tomorrow provide the exact sizes and colors you need. Or, for greater personalization, we can create you one-of-a-kind versions featuring your corporate colors, branding and theme. 

Signs By Tomorrow offers a solution for every occasion and any budget.

Each of our tent concepts offer distinct advantages, but all are easy to set up and take down, ready in XX minutes, durable and best of all, reusable. Let your business be seen all over town the same day. Your eye-catching display is sure to make a splash on social media to help you get seen everywhere.

Select from a full array of event tents and pop-ups

Tried-and-true display solutions for generations, event tents and canopies come in an incredible variety from which to choose. Signs By Tomorrow offers a solution for every occasion and any budget. Select from four basic types:

  • Pop-up tents: Built with lightweight, anodized aluminum frames that unfold easily, pop-up tents shelter guests from the elements and provide ample surfaces for your custom graphics!  Most feature a convenient carrying case for easy transport from one event to another.  

  • Pop-up canopies: Essentially a pop-up tent without the side walls, pop-up canopies set up in minutes, provide protection from sun and rain, and offer an elevated surface (i.e., the roof!) on which to display your promotional message.   

  • Inflatable event tents: These eye-catching shelters setup easily like pop-ups but offer one key difference: inflatable structures in durable Dacron, they do away altogether with anodized aluminum frames. Select from a roof only or add side panels. The set-up is simple via a 12-volt battery air pump. Between outings, inflatables collapse into a backpack for easy transport or storage.

  • Event tents: While sacrificing some of the convenience and portability of pop-ups or inflatables, today’s pole tents and cross-cable tents are generally sturdier and the better choice for longer-term applications. Canvas event tents and others offered in different materials generally come in larger sizes and offer multiple configurations. Of course, they also provide excellent customization opportunities for your graphics or promotional messages!

Enjoy the many advantages of custom tents, pop-ups and canopies

Portable canopies, canvas event tents and pop-ups from Signs By Tomorrow offer businesses, organizations, nonprofits and individuals many benefits. They are:

  • Affordable: Event tents, pop-ups tents and inflatables are reasonably priced and deliver long-term durability for use event-after-event. Among promotional options, many marketers find them an excellent value!

  • Attention-getting: A custom canopy tent or similar solution can help you stand out at any kind of event — whether it’s a grand opening, festival, trade show, art fair, farmer’s market or sporting event!

  • Customizable: With a wide variety of sizes, colors and branding options from which to choose, our tents, canopies and pop-ups are readily individualized. Want to stand out even more? Add greater interest with our flags, banners and signs!

  • Easy-to-use: Most of our custom tents, inflatable tents and pop-ups are designed for fast and simple installation, quick takedown and ready transport to your next event.  

  • Versatile: Many users get maximum value from their pop-up tents, pop-up canopies and inflatable tents by using them again and again at different venues. For example, custom event tents are not just for trade shows. Other potential places where you can use your branded event tent include new product introductions, golf outings, company picnics and recruiting fairs.

  • Weather-resistant: Durable and water-repellent, our portable canopies, canvas event tents and pop-ups deliver for you rain or shine!

Choose from a large variety of flags, banners and signs

For many marketers, a custom pop-up tent or canopy, personalized inflatable tent or one-of-a-kind event tent is just the beginning. Your team at Signs By Tomorrow can suggest any number of great ways to call more attention to your event tent and draw greater crowds:

  • Air Dancers®: Almost impossible to ignore, Air Dancers are a brand of inflatable “tube men” that dance by means of an electric blower. Customize your selection by color, text, mascot or character. Sizes from six feet to 20 feet are available.     

  • Custom tent peak flags: Colorful tent peak flags attach to the top of your pop-up tent, pop-up canopy or event tent to draw more attention to it, especially if they’re blowing in the wind. Cross your fingers for a slight breeze!

  • Custom tent-top banners: Offering more “real estate” on which to print a message, printed tent peak banners are a great place to display logos, graphics or other appeals.

  • Helium blimps: Fly high with helium blimps that display your advertising graphics! These differ from inflatable advertising in that they’re lighter-than-air. Inflate one with helium, tether to the ground for display above your exhibit, and capture attention from as far as a mile away. Viewers can hardly miss them!

  • Inflatable advertising: The design possibilities for inflatables are limited only to your imagination! We can create attention-grabbing giant inflatables in the shape new products or packaging, cartoon characters, animals or you name it! They stake to the ground and inflate with air.

Questions & Answers

Where should I use event tents and pop-ups?

Employ them in any situation outdoors and even indoors — wherever you’d like to attract people and publicize your presence. A few ideas for pop-up tents, pop-up canopies and inflatable tents include art fairs, concession stands and festivals, and golf outings. Also consider grand openings, open houses, product or service launches, races, sporting events, trade shows and, of course, tent sales! Other opportunities to use them include concerts, farmer’s markets, in-store promotional events, performances and event registrations.

See inspiring examples of our many types of custom tents and pop-ups.

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Boise professional, call us at 208-345-9900 or email us.

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I am from Kentucky on a road trip to Alaska. Tried to have the signs made in Ky. Gave one sign company 6 weeks notice still no sign for the Sign Post Forest for My Nephews RV PARK. The Right Spot RV Park in Cadiz Ky. Well I called Signs By Tomorrow and got my signs made they did a fantastic job. Yes I will recommend them to anyone. Thank you guys and lady.

5 Star Rating . | June 2024
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