Dimensional Signs, Letters and Logos: Exploring your Options


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Dimensional signs
By adding an element of depth along with width and height, three-dimensional signs, letters, and logos stand out when compared to their flat, two-dimensional counterparts!

Popular sign choices, they go by several names. Three-dimensional signs are also called 3D signs or simply dimensional signs. Variations of the term are also applied to three-dimensional letters and logos. 

What’s the attraction to dimensional signs? The natural shadows and shading of 3D signs catch the eye. Of course, lighting adds impact. It increases the effectiveness of dimensional signage and letters at night and on overcast or stormy days.

Here are some considerations when discussing your 3D sign options with sign companies:

3D acrylic letters exterior sign


  • Dimensional acrylic signs and 3D acrylic letters are usually custom cut to the desired sizes and shapes. They are weather-resistant and cost-effective.
  • Another lower-cost option, dimensional letters in formed plastic stands the test of time. They can be custom made in your choice of colors, sizes and typestyles.
  • Cast metal 3D letters in brass or bronze lend an air of professionalism. They often add polish to legal firms, country clubs or upscale restaurants.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel 3D letters deliver a clean and modern look. You’ll see them on offices, galleries and apartment buildings.
  • Dimensional wood letters and logos can be left unpainted for a natural, rustic feel. Or, they can be painted in any shade.
  • Lightweight 3D letters and logos come in high-density foam core. They have hard smooth surfaces on the front and back that are suitable for painting.
  • Laminated 3D signage features a thin layer of metal, vinyl or other material on the front.


Lighting Illuminated Sign

  • Three-dimensional signs can be back-it, most often with energy-efficient LEDs (i.e., light-emitting diodes). If preferred, backlighting can create a “halo” effect. 
  • Front lighting is another option for 3D signs and letters. Translucent panels on the front shine bright with illumination from an internal lighting source.

Stand out with three-dimensional signage. See Signs By Tomorrow Duluth for affordable solutions.

With indoor dimensional lettering as well as outdoor dimensional lettering, logos and signage, we have solutions for every application and budget. To get started, contact us today.


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