Make your storefront a shade more attractive with a custom-branded awning

Enhance the appearance of your building — and the comfort of your visitors or tenants — with awnings from Signs By Tomorrow Greenville.

Awnings establish the identity of your business or organization better than many other options. As the most visible portion of your restaurant, store or office, awnings and canopies often become the “face” your company. Highly distinctive, branded awnings can also serve to make your place of business a local “landmark.”

Enjoy excellent design flexibility. Like to portray a sophisticated image look for your fine-dining establishment, wine store or upscale condominium complex? Select a custom-colored awning with discreet branding. Operating an ice cream stand, convenience store or daycare center? Go brighter with colors and bolder with your one-of-a-kind graphics!

Because branded awnings and canopies can communicate so much to consumers with just a glance, they’re popular signage solutions for apartment buildings, bars, condominiums and country clubs. You’ll also see them in use at funeral homes, galleries, hospitals, hotels, malls, office buildings, restaurants, senior centers, stores and theaters. 

Enjoy multiple benefits from commercial awnings

Whether you’re interested in a single-color or striped awning to create an understated, classic look —  or one that’s customized with your logo, lettering or graphics — awnings from Signs By Tomorrow Greenville bring numerous benefits to your storefront or building facade. Use them to:

  • Distinguish your business with custom branding
  • Improve the appearance of your storefront or building front
  • Call attention to your primary entranceway
  • Shelter visitors from the elements with awnings sited above entry doors
  • Shield customers from the sun with awnings mounted above windows
  • Cover walkways that extend from building to building, or over curbside drop-off and pick-up points
  • Enclose outdoor spaces such as dining areas and patios
  • Prevent UV rays from fading window displays
  • Protect stairways and loading docks
  • Enjoy options such as lighted awnings or retractable awnings
  • Reduce air conditioning expenses by shading interior spaces from the sun 

Select from all major types of awnings and canopies

Signs By Tomorrow Greenville offers commercial awnings and canopies for all applications:

  • Covered walkway awnings
  • Door canopies
  • Entrance canopies
  • Freestanding awnings
  • Outdoor dining awnings
  • Retractable awnings
  • Storefront awnings
  • Vestibule enclosures
  • Window awnings

Choose from any number of awning and canopy shapes

At Signs By Tomorrow Greenville, you’ll find a style that best matches your application:

  • Concave canopies & window awnings
  • Convex canopies & window awnings
  • Dome awnings
  • Dome door canopies
  • Elongated dome-style awnings    
  • Quarter-round awnings
  • Rounded entrance canopies       

Questions & Answers

What are awnings and canopies made of?

Our awnings and canopies can be fabricated from a wide variety of attractive, weather-resistant fabrics. They’re stretched over sturdy frames of aluminum, powder-coated aluminum or steel.

What are common options with commercial awnings?

In addition to providing unique colors and custom graphics, we can enhance the look and functionality of awnings and canopies with brass posts, ceilings, painted frames and side curtains, to name a few options.

Can awnings and canopies be illuminated?

Yes, external lighting through spotlights in one option. The other choice is internal illumination though sources positioned within the awning or canopy. This produces an attractive backlighting effect.

Do you need municipal approval for awnings and canopies?

In many cities, yes. But don’t let that deter you from their benefits. We can assist you with not only the design, fabrication and installation of awnings and canopies, but also municipal permitting.

See inspiring examples of our many types of commercial awnings

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Greenville professional, call us at 864-250-0548 or email us.

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