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Elevate your promotional efforts with indoor pole banners mounted above the crowds

Popular and affordable advertising signage, indoor pole banners from Signs By Tomorrow® are double-sided banners that attach to light poles, structure posts or walls.

Mounting is easy. You’ll begin by attaching two horizontal arms or supports with hardware, so they’ll extend from a pole, post or wall. Two sewn-in pockets or sleeves at the top and bottom of the pole banner allow you to slide the banner onto the two extending arms. In minutes, you’re displaying your promotional message!

Pole banners are typically mounted well off the ground for excellent visibility. What's more, they use space that's not often needed for any other reason. Smart marketers can employ every square foot of promotional "real estate" with indoor pole banners! In fact, many users don't limit the application of indoor pole banners to pole, posts and walls. They can also be suspended from ceilings or hung in windows.

Use pole banners to promote, brand, inform or enhance your décor

Signs By Tomorrow custom designs and prints indoor pole banners for many applications. Not sure if a pole banner is right for you or, if so, the correct size? We can perform a site assessment, make measurements and provide an expert recommendation on pole banners for your location. Need installation or take-down? We can assist with that, too. Use our indoor pole banners for:

  • Airport terminal pole banners
  • Coffee shop pole banners
  • Concert hall pole banners
  • Conference pole banners
  • Exhibition pole banners
  • Gym pole banners
  • Museum pole banners
  • Performance venue pole banners
  • Restaurant pole banners
  • Retail display pole banners
  • Theater pole banners
  • Trade show pole banners
  • School hall pole banners
  • Shopping mall pole banners
  • Stadium pole banners
  • Store pole banners

Select various pole banner customization options

Indoor pole banners Signs By Tomorrow are created of smooth, block-out vinyl with your custom design printed on both sides. Block-out means it’s opaque so a design on one side of the pole banner won’t show through on the other.

Have us design a custom banner with your logo, graphics, event theme or another promotional message. For optimum visibility, indoor pole banners feature a matte finish. While outdoor pole banners usually include grommets with which to attach cords for added stability, indoor pole banners do not as a rule feature these metal eyelets. They can be ordered as an option.

The retail banner’s orientation can be portrait (i.e., vertical) or square. The indoor pole banner material is 13-ounce polyvinylchloride (PVC) — which is known throughout the industry as the “vinyl” in vinyl banners.

Mounting hardware is not usually included with the indoor pole banner. It is, however, ordered at the same time in almost all instances.

While one indoor pole banner is effective, multiple event banners are even more impressive! That’s why many marketers order and install two, three, four or more in the same application — especially if planned for a larger interior space.

Questions & Answers

How do indoor pole banners differ from outdoor pole banners?

Often termed lamp post banners, street pole banners, boulevard banners, light pole banners, avenue banners and light post banners, the versions for exterior applications are indeed a popular advertising signage choice. But indoor pole banners differ from outdoor pole banners in two important ways.

While some outdoor pole banners are made of 13-ounce vinyl just like indoor versions, many feature 16-ounce or 18-ounce vinyl for its greater durability in applications where they may be exposed to the wind, rain, sun and snow. For this reason, outdoor pole banners are also equipped with grommets, whereas indoor pole banners do not feature grommets. These metal-rimmed eyelets enable users to attach rope or ties for greater stability in the breeze.

Can indoor pole banners be printed on both sides?

Yes, double-sided printing is standard with pole banners for indoor applications. Indoor pole banners showcase your graphics on both sides — using the same graphic on both sides or a different image or message on each side.

What’s the best way to care for indoor pole banners?

Custom indoor pole banners should be cleaned with a mild soap-and-water mixture. Use a soft rag that’s non-abrasive when washing. The pole banner’s inks will hold up well to gentle cleaning, but the banners are not intended to be scrubbed.

As for storing your indoor banner for future use, roll it up with the ink side facing in. If you've retained the shipping carton, place it back inside. Similarly, you may wish to reuse the original packing sheet of nonstick protective paper (if provided) by placing it on the print side of the pole banner before rolling it up. Once rolled and repackaged, store the rolled banners in an upright position in a cool dry area.

See some inspiring examples of our indoor pole banners

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas on your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL professional, call us at 904-332-0778 or email us.

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