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Custom outdoor pole banners are street-smart solutions for promoting your message

Often used to publicize civic events such as downtown days, fairs and concerts, pole banners from Signs By Tomorrow® are displayed along main streets, in parks and on campuses. They’re also employed to promote seasonal celebrations like 4th of July parades or holiday festivals.

The set-up is simple. To install pole banners, you'll clamp upper and lower horizontal poles or arms on lamp posts or light posts. In between, you'll suspend your custom outdoor pole banner. It's held in place by sewn-in pole pockets at the upper edge and the lower edge of the light pole banner. They accept the upper and lower horizontal support arms that extend from the lamppost.

The result? An attractive light pole banner that hangs well above the street for excellent visibility, and almost always in a horizontal or square format!

Tip: For an even more eye-catching display, order two pole banners and hardware kits. With them, you can mount dual banners on a single pole. Doubly impressive!

Check out the many ways to customize your outdoor pole banners

Outdoor pole banners from Signs By Tomorrow are readily customizable, so you get the exact design and colors you want. Ask us to create your pole banner featuring your event theme, graphics, logo or other design elements using our bright and vibrant full-color, digital printing.

For long-term attractiveness, our street pole banners are made of durable vinyl. The benefits include high-resolution images, waterproof performance and fade-resistant graphics that can deliver year-after-year of all-season display out of doors!

Any number of standard sizes of vinyl banners are available. You can also specify custom dimensions for your custom pole banners. Double-sided banners are the industry standard, offering excellent readability from both sides. Of course, our vertical pole banners can be ordered with the proper mounting hardware.

Use outdoor pole banners in any number of applications

Look around our town and you’ll see custom pole banners of the type offered by Signs By Tomorrow used in many locations for various promotions:

  • Art exhibition pole banners
  • Car dealership pole banners
  • Civic event pole banners
  • College pole banners
  • Downtown days pole banners
  • Fair pole banners
  • Farmer’s markets pole banners
  • Festival pole banners
  • Holiday-themed pole banners
  • Lamp posts banners
  • Library pole banners
  • Light posts banners
  • Museum pole banners
  • Parade pole banners
  • Rodeo pole banners
  • School pole banners
  • Special event pole banners
  • Street poles banners
  • Tourism promotion pole banners

Questions & Answers

Is there a difference between lamp post banners, street pole banners and boulevard banners?

There's no difference. In fact, they're also called pole banners, light pole banners, avenue banners and light post banners! The terms are used interchangeably in the signage industry. Ask for anyone and the experts at Signs By Tomorrow are sure to know what you're talking about!

How are street pole banners printed?

At Signs By Tomorrow we print our pole banners with the latest four-color digital printing equipment. To ensure top quality and excellent reproductions, designs are printed on durable vinyl and only double-sided banners are produced. The result? Whether ordering one sign or one hundred, your light pole banner will be waterproof and resistant to fade-inducing UV-light in sunny conditions.

Are boulevard banners offered with grommets? Or, wind slits?

Yes, and no. Grommets are almost always included with outdoor lamp pole banners. They’re offered at no extra cost and positioned in each of the banner’s four corners. They offer an extra measure of security in windy conditions. Many use zip-ties, rope or other fasteners to help attach the custom banner via the grommets to the mounting hardware to keep the light post banner in place.

That said, street pole banners are not usually offered with wind slits, as you’d find in large-size outdoor vinyl banners. At Signs By Tomorrow, we believe any small benefit in adding slits would be more than offset by making in the light post banner less visually appealing and more prone to tearing.

What about the hardware needed for mounting pole banners?

While offered separately from the custom-printed street pole banners, Signs By Tomorrow can assist you in selecting the right mounting hardware. When visiting, be sure to describe your application including the pole’s diameter and proposed banner height. Not sure? Have us accompany you to the location for a site assessment and measurement. This will help ensure you get the right-size pole banner and mounting hardware for your application.

Of course, when it comes time for installation, we can assist you with that, too. Our professional installers are well experienced in putting up (and taking down) street pole banners.

Are custom avenue banners reusable from season to season?

Yes. Our custom lamp pole banners and their hardware are reusable year-after-year. This makes them especially cost-efficient when promoting annual events just as downtown days or holiday occasions like Memorial Day parades. In between uses, just be sure to clean them.

What’s the best way to clean light post banners, and store them?

Use a mixture of warm water and dish soap to clean your street pole banners. Be sure to use a damp, microfiber fabric or other non-abrasive cloth to prevent scratching the lamp post banner’s graphic. Next, lightly wipe away dust and grime on the banners (and hardware) and let them air dry.

As for storage, roll up the street post banners and place them in a cool, dry location. Also, store the pole banners away from direct sunlight.

See some great examples of our street pole banners

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas on your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. You’ll find our closest, most convenient site by using our Store Locator.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL professional, call us at 904-332-0778 or email us.

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