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Capture attention in a big way with custom outdoor fabric banners

Outdoor fabric banners from Signs By Tomorrow® are an excellent, cost-efficient choice for any number of events or applications. All our outdoor advertising fabric signage solutions are weather-resistant and offer superb reproduction of your custom graphics. With our grand format printing capabilities, we’re able to create outdoor vinyl banners and mesh banners in sizes that will amaze you … and your audience!

Rely on us to custom design your building banners or large outdoor banners with your company logo, event theme or marketing message, unique graphics and corporate colors.

Select from three different types of outdoor fabric banners

At Signs By Tomorrow, we’ll recommend any of these styles of outdoor fabric banners, depending on your application:

  • Mesh banners: Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and popularly known as vinyl mesh banners, they allow wind to pass through the graphic, minimizing wear and tear. Mesh banners are often the choice for extra-large signage applications on storefronts, building sides or even as coverings for entire structures. When serving as building wraps and showcasing, for example, a new soft drink, mesh banners can make an impressive promotional impact. Contractors and developers also use mesh banners to mask the view of the construction activity within a building and present instead of an architectural image of the finished project! It's much more attractive to all — and especially among potential purchaser or leasers!
  • Polyester outdoor fabric banners: Water resistant, our custom outdoor fabric banners offer high-resolution digital printing for excellent color quality and clear graphics in an attractive matte finish. Offered in single-sided and double-sided banners, these banners can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They are resistant to fading and tearing.
  • Sunbrella® outdoor fabric banners: Sunbrella is a 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. Known for its ability to withstand wind, rain and sun while retaining its beauty, Sunbrella is often selected to construct awnings and is also used in marine applications. These same weather-resistant qualities make Sunbrella fabric an attractive choice for many outdoor fabric banners.

Benefit from outdoor fabric banners in many applications

Signs By Tomorrow creates outdoor fabric banners for many promotional, informative or decorative applications, including:

  • Arena banners
  • Building-side banners
  • Building wraps
  • Concert banners
  • Event greeting banners
  • Grand opening banners
  • Hanging banners
  • Large outdoor banners
  • Outdoor sporting event banners
  • Outdoor wall murals
  • Outdoor stage banners
  • Real estate outdoor banners
  • Special event outdoor banners
  • Stadium banners
  • Storefront banners
  • Trade show banners

Enjoy various ways to mount your outdoor fabric banners

Highly versatile, outdoor fabric banners Signs By Tomorrow can be installed in a wide variety of ways. Most feature grommets (i.e., metal-rimmed eyelets) at the top two corners, all four corners or along the edges for larger versions.

Use ropes or bungee cords to attach the grommets to light poles, posts or other stationary objects. Outdoor fabric banners tend to be lighter than other banner alternatives, so you can suspend them from stage scaffolding or hang them from a rope. If used as building wraps, you can also attach outdoor fabric banners to construction scaffolding, exposed beams or other structural elements.

Another mounting option? Use screws and washers to attach your custom outdoor fabric banners to solid or ridged surfaces such as brick, concrete, walls or wood.

Questions & Answers

How do outdoor fabric banners differ from vinyl outdoor banners?

It’s largely a matter of taste, as each type offers certain advantages. Fabric banners generally reproduce graphics more accurately. They’re lighter, and perhaps more suitable for extra-large applications. Fabric banners offer a degree of stretch for a smoother, more appealing wrinkle-free look. What’s more, if used year-after-year as many banners are (e.g., for seasonal events, holiday themes, etc.), they transport and store more easily.

All that said, vinyl outdoor banners are generally thought to be more resistant to wind, rain, sun and snow. If weather-resistance is a primary concern, the choice is often vinyl for outdoor business banners and outdoor event banners. Graphics reproduce well on vinyl outdoor banners. They can also be readily cleaned and stored for seasonal use.

Can custom outdoor fabric banners be used indoors?

Mesh outdoor fabric banners are not often used indoors (although they could be) but other types are. In fact, many marketers have their fabric banners work twice as hard by using them indoors as well as outdoors. The use of lightweight 100% polyester fabric on many banners makes them ideal for indoor events and applications whenever you need a vibrant and colorful display.

Can custom outdoor fabric banners stretch?

Yes, outdoor fabric banners can be stretched slightly to offer a bit of “play” when mounting or hanging. Another plus? When mounted, wrinkles tend to disappear over time! However, it’s best to keep stretching your outdoor fabric banners to a minimum to avoid tearing and help ensure a longer life for the fabric.

Do you recommend a matte or gloss finish for outdoor fabric banners?

A matte finish is the industry standard for outdoor fabric banners. Matte-finished fabric banners are better light absorbers and more easily viewed by consumers. A glossy finish would reflect light and reduce readability.

View some inspiring examples of our outdoor fabric banners

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas on your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL professional, call us at 904-332-0778 or email us.

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