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Display your branding or promotional brilliance with indoor lightboxes and graphics

Indoor lightboxes feature a clear glass or acrylic front panel behind which you mount your promotional message or logo in a translucent vinyl film. A frame holds the panel and film in place and surrounds a backlighting source, which is usually fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) illumination. Switch on the power and your advertising lights up!

Ideal for mounting on walls or suspending from ceilings, most lightbox frames snap open easily so you can readily update your full-color graphics. As a result, indoor lightbox signs from Signs By Tomorrow® Jacksonville FL are great solutions for stores, restaurants (for menu boards), movie theaters, car dealerships and other applications where you want your message to gain notice.

Highly effective advertising solutions, these backlit signs are also excellent choices for displaying logos or other branding graphics in lobbies, reception areas and conference rooms. You’ll also see them in use at airports, arenas, stadiums and other transportation terminals and entertainment venues.

Get standard or custom styles as well as translucent films

At Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL, you’ll select from indoor and outdoor lightboxes in sizes and types for every application and any signage budget. Some of our lightboxes are standard, off-the-shelf models while others can be custom designed for your specific application.

For whatever your choice, you also can rely on us to design and produce your custom translucent films. You’ll slide them into your backlit lightbox sign to showcase your logo, graphics or promotional message in vibrant colors!

Select from all popular types of lightbox signs for indoor use

Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL offers a complete array of lightbox signs. This selection assures that you’ll discover the right option for your office, store, restaurant or other location:

  • Banner lightbox signs: A great choice for larger applications, banner lightbox signs display backlighted graphics in stretch fabric instead of translucent film.
  • Double-sided snap frame lightboxes: Designed to be suspended from ceilings, our double-sided snap frame lightboxes are viewable from the front or back.
  • LED lightbox signs: Energy-efficient choices, LED lightbox signs feature light-emitting diodes for backlighting. They’re now the industry standard.
  • Locking lightbox signs: Featuring hinged doors that lock, these lightboxes are ideal for mounting in public areas. Locking lightbox signs protect your graphics from tampering or theft.
  • Marquee lightboxes: Similar in appearance to signage from a classic movie theater, marquee lightboxes feature a frame that's rimmed with lights. Eye-catching!
  • Snap frame lightboxes: Economical selections, snap frame lightboxes allow for easy insertion of translucent films featuring your logo or promotional messages. Of course, replacing your custom graphics is a snap, too!

Enjoy the many advantages of lightbox signs

Lightbox signs from Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL bring businesses and organizations many benefits. These backlit signs are:

  • Affordable: Compared to many other types of signage, indoor lightboxes are an affordable choice. Custom translucent films are budget-friendly, too.
  • Attractive: Illuminated signs of any type — including indoor lightboxes — attract the eye more so than non-illuminated alternatives.
  • Low-maintenance: Replacing promotional messages is easy and accomplished by almost anyone. What’s more, LEDs are a long-lasting source of illumination.
  • Versatile: Lightbox signs mount on walls or hang from ceilings and come in all sizes. Whether a standard type or a custom, one-of-a-kind fabrication, there’s one for every application.
  • Vibrant: The translucent films you’ll insert into lightbox signs for backlighting deliver arresting graphics and high-quality images.  

Questions & Answers

What are the advantages of LEDs over fluorescent lighting for lightboxes?

LEDs or light-emitting diodes are quickly becoming the lighting method of choice for many illuminated signs, including indoor lightboxes. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs last considerably longer, reducing your need to replace them and thereby lowering maintenance costs. They’re economical; LED lighting saves about 30% on your electric bill over fluorescent bulbs. Also, no more waiting for your sign to warm up once turned on as with fluorescents. LEDs light up immediately!

How do lightboxes work?

Lightboxes feature a clear glass or acrylic front panel behind which you mount your promotional message or logo in a translucent vinyl film. A weather-resistant frame holds the panel and film in place and surrounds a backlighting source, which is usually fluorescent or LED (light emitting diode) illumination. Switch on the power and your graphic or advertising lights up!

Do lightboxes go by different names?

Yes, many terms are used in the signage industry for lightboxes. Other names include outdoor LED lightboxes, LED snap frames, LED light-up displays and backlit signs. Use any of these terms at Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL. We’ll know in an instant what you’re talking about!

What type of poster material should be used for outdoor lightboxes?

Outdoor lightbox users should only display translucent materials in the poster holder. Most often this is translucent vinyl film. Rely on Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL for custom designs and expert fabrications of your films at affordable prices.

How do you mount outdoor lightbox frames?

Light-up displays from Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL come with holes predrilled into the back of the frame for wall mounting. Special screws and other hardware may be required, and a 120-volt electrical hookup is needed. Need expert assistance with mounting? We can provide that, too.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Jacksonville FL professional, call us at 904-332-0778 or email us.

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