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Make the tough choice - go with metal signs for durability, economy and beauty

On top of many successful businesses, you’ll find metal signage. Why? Metal offers the qualities you want from a sign: durability, professionalism and design flexibility. It also requires low maintenance. In fact, once it’s up on a wall or post, you may forget it’s even there. But your customers and prospects will always take note.

Let the pros at Signs By Tomorrow review your location and help you determine where your future signage needs are headed. We can design a comprehensive solution that’s attractive, functional, affordable and ADA-compliant. We’ve been at this for quite a while, so get ready to see many more options than just your typical local sign shop's aluminum sign. Materials, techniques, finishes and durability are evolving and Signs By Tomorrow keeps up with all of them.

Metal signs come in many options and offer advantages for locations including:

  • Apartments
  • Construction firms
  • Health care facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial parks
  • Real estate firms
  • Retailers and malls

We can easily customize your design preferences in metal signage with your business name, logo, text and graphics applied with a durable baked-on enamel or lacquer finish. Big or small, printed or cut, we can bring out the best in your brand’s logo and theme. For rugged locations, opt for reinforced aluminum signage that shines on through snow, sun, sleet and rain without corroding. And, while aluminum or aluminum composites are the most commonly used materials for our metal signs, we can also fabricate your graphics, wording and design ideas in steel, bronze, and stainless steel signs.

Interior and exterior, functional or fancy – call or visit Signs By Tomorrow to set up a free consultation and review.

Enjoy many customization options with metal signs

The attractiveness and all-around versatility of metal signage from Signs By Tomorrow are prime reasons for their popularity. We can easily customize your choice in metal signage by:
Design: Have us showcase your business name, logo, text or graphics; the handsome baked-on enamel or lacquer finish featured on our metal signs makes for an attractive presentation.
Shape: Go with a familiar rectangle, specify a square, or select a circle or triangle. Alternately,  have us laser cut your aluminum or other metal sign in the shape of your logo, sports mascot or product package.
Color: Select from standard and custom sign paints as well as inks and vinyl graphics. Display them on one side or both of your metal sign. Either way, expect brilliant, vibrant colors!

Consider the many benefits of our metal signs 

In specifying an aluminum sign or other metal sign from Signs By Tomorrow for your business or organization, you’ll enjoy these advantages. These signs are:
Adaptable: Lightweight aluminum signs can be suspended from ceilings, mounted on walls or fences, or placed in stands or frames, We can also add aluminum signage panels to post-and-panel signs and signposts. If you have the application, we have the solution.
Durable: Weather-resistant, our aluminum signs are great for both indoor use and outdoor applications. Bring on the snow, sleet and rain; they will not rust!
Thin: Compared to other signage materials, metal signs are thin. Most describe them as thick enough to be durable but thin enough to be attractive in almost any setting! Our aluminum metal signs are available in three thicknesses. We’ll help you choose from standard-duty .040" gauge, medium-duty .063" gauge or heavy-duty .080" gauge.
Versatile: Have us drill holes in your metal sign for easy mounting. We can also suggest solutions like using bungee cords, rope or string to suspend your aluminum sign. Screws with washers are a great way to secure our metal signs to wood or concrete. With nuts and bolts, they also easily attach to signposts.
Worry-free: To maintain their attractiveness, you can simply wipe your aluminum signs with soap and water using a non-abrasive cloth. 

Choose from all popular types of metal signs

At Signs By Tomorrow, our signage pros will review your application and suggest the best type of metal signs to meet your needs and your budget. You’ll select from:
Alumalite™ metal signs: A composite material, Alumalite is made of corrugated plastic that’s reinforced on both sides with rigid aluminum sign panels. The panels feature an attractive, baked-on enamel finish. 
Aluminum metal signs: A material that never rusts, aluminum is a long-lasting choice for signage that’s exposed to rain, sleet and snow as well as road salts. Light in weight, aluminum is also easy to mount and is an excellent choice for indoor applications. Made of sheets of solid metal, most aluminum signs come with a baked-on finish that protects the sign while it enhances its beauty. 
Dibond® metal signs: Another composite material, Dibond is constructed of a sheet of solid plastic that’s reinforced on both sides with aluminum panels. Rigid and lightweight, Dibond is often the material of choice for hanging metal signs, post-and-panel metal signs and wall-mounted metal signs. 
NuAlum™ metal signs: Available in single or double-sided types, NuAlum signs are made from a sheet of weather-resistant, exterior-grade plywood that’s faced on one side or both aluminum panel. This metal signage option offers substantial structural strength for rugged applications.
Steel signs other metal signs: While aluminum or aluminum composites are by far the most commonly used materials for our metal signs, we can also fabricate custom steel signs, stainless steel signs, bronze signs and brass signs.

See our signage pros when you’re ready to proceed

For your metal signs, call or visit Signs By Tomorrow with your questions or ideas. Your full-service signage resource, we can:
Assess your site and take measurements
Review all your metals sign options
Custom design your metal signs 
Advise you on optimum signage placement
Mount or install your metal signs outdoors or indoors 
Suggest metal sign display enhancements like lighting or framing

See examples of our many types of metal signage

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, contact us or drop in today. 

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Overland Park professional, call us at 913-541-1331 or email us.

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