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 Custom QR Code Designs

There are some important factors to consider when designing QR codes for your business. Size, readable distance, customization, marketing tracking and device need to be considered when creating your QR code

QR Code Design Tips
  • Never create a QR code smaller than 1 inch
  • The more characters the more complex the code
  • Add in some unique branding to your code but never cover up the corner blocks
  • Viewing distance should determine how large the QR code should be printed.  The further away the code the larger the print

Signs By Tomorrow QR Code - ColoredNew York Times Magazine QR CodeEnglish Bulldog QR Code

Popular QR Code Creators

There are several free and paid sites that assist businesses in creating QR codes. No matter if you are looking to create a simple code or a branded graphical QR code the following sites should meet your needs.

URL Shortener Services

Although most QR codes accept up to 4,000+ characters, the more characters the more complex the QR code becomes. Many cameras will have difficulty reading extremely complex high character QR codes, rendering the QR code useless in many instances. So how do you reduce the amount of characters in your QR code? Simple - use a URL shortener. There are numerous URL shortener services available for free including:

To see more QR code designs visit our Inspirational Gallery for ideas for your next graphics project!

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