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Display your branding brilliance with indoor and outdoor lightboxes

Ideal for mounting on walls both inside and outdoors, lightboxes are highly effective advertising solutions for your brand. These backlit signs are excellent choices for displaying logos or other elements of your branding package in lobbies, reception areas and conference rooms inside – or above your entrance or on the side of your building outside.

Many lightbox frames snap open and closed easily, meaning you can update your graphics whenever you need to. As a result, lightbox signs from Signs By Tomorrow are great solutions for restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, car dealerships or anywhere else where you need your messaging frequently updated.

What Kind of Lightbox Signs Are There?

Signs By Tomorrow offers a complete array of lightbox signs for indoor and outdoor use. This selection assures that you’ll discover the right option for your location:

  • Banner lightbox signs: A great choice for larger applications, banner lightbox signs display backlighted graphics in stretch fabric instead of translucent film.
  • Double-sided snap frame lightboxes: Designed to be suspended from ceilings, our double-sided snap frame lightboxes are viewable from the front or back.
  • LED lightbox signs: Energy-efficient choices, LED lightbox signs feature light-emitting diodes for backlighting. They’re now the industry standard.
  • Locking lightbox signs: Featuring hinged doors that lock, these lightboxes are ideal for mounting in public areas. Locking lightbox signs protect your graphics from tampering or theft.
  • Marquee lightboxes: Similar in appearance to signage from a classic movie theater, marquee lightboxes feature a frame that's rimmed with lights. Eye-catching!
  • Snap frame lightboxes: Economical selections, snap frame lightboxes allow for easy insertion of translucent films featuring your logo or promotional messages. Of course, replacing your custom graphics is a snap, too!

Are Lightboxes Good for Outdoors?

We know that keeping your outdoor graphics and signs can be a challenge, especially depending on the weather conditions throughout the year. Fortunately, lightboxes are a great option when you want to capture attention for your business regardless of what time of day it is.

Outdoor lightboxes from Signs By Tomorrow are built to the highest standard and are designed with both convenience and durability in mind. Tough, exterior-rated panels are designed to withstand the elements, and weather-stripping on the frame helps to keep the inside of your boxes safe and dry.

What Are The Benefits of Lightboxes?

Lightbox signs provide a number of benefits that other options can’t. When considering a lightbox from Signs By Tomorrow, think about how they are:

  • Affordable: Compared to many other types of signage, lightboxes are an affordable choice. Custom translucent films are budget-friendly, too.
  • Attractive: Illuminated signs of any type — including lightboxes — attract the eye more so than non-illuminated alternatives.
  • Low-maintenance: Replacing promotional messages is easy and accomplished by almost anyone. What’s more, LEDs are a long-lasting source of illumination.
  • Versatile: Lightbox signs mount on walls or hang from ceilings and come in all sizes. Whether a standard type or a custom, one-of-a-kind fabrication, there’s one for every application.
  • Vibrant: The translucent films you’ll insert into lightbox signs for backlighting deliver arresting graphics and high-quality images.

Ready to start shining a light on your business in a whole new way? Contact Signs By Tomorrow to discuss your needs!

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow professional, call us at 844-957-4467 or email us.

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The sign was beautiful and the the staff was very helpful in guiding me through the process of selecting the right material and colors. Thank you for making the entire process easy.

5 Star Rating . | February 2023
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