6 Fun Ways Indoor Signs Make All the Difference


6 Fun Ways Indoor Signs Make All the Difference

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When most people think about signage, their first thought is all business. They imagine graphics that inform customers about brands and display store logos. While having interior signs on display that promote different aspects of your company is always a good idea, there are many more ways they can be useful other than simple advertising.

At Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg, creating interesting visuals is our bread and butter. We know that signs can do a lot more than simply tell customers what’s on the menu. They can add flair and style to the workplace or create an atmosphere of culture and beauty. Here are six ways signs can be works of art that compliment your business, workplace or home!

1. Organizing Areas

Offices aren’t like they used to be. Where once there were cubicle areas lined by private offices and conference rooms, new trends focus on open plans that share a common workspace with everyone. A major issue that these designs cause is creating a useful space with no true definition. In other words, employees have no clear way to determine which spaces are used in what manner.

One way to combat this problem is with the addition of fun indoor signs. Vinyl decals can be placed on walls or windows to illustrate the purpose of each space. Since they are removable by design, they are a perfect answer for fluid spaces. Is the small conference area moving? Simply take down the signage and re-apply it to the new location.

2. Changing the Feel

Making office designs fun and interesting will also add a sense of levity to the office. Instead of sterile walls, interesting signs with company mottos or fun graphics can be both informative and artistic. This can improve the feel of a space, while also adding the separation necessary for open-floor layouts to work effectively.

Another way to completely alter the mood is by adding neon signs to certain areas. Since these emblems are traditionally associated with the 1950s and ‘60s, they can evoke a sense of nostalgia, making your workplace more comfortable and enjoyable. Likewise, restaurants and other eateries can use neon to create a fun environment for all patrons!

3. Dress your walls

If there’s one group of people who really appreciate fun and interesting signs is children, and the one place they need to stay entertained and involved in is a classroom. This makes school hallways and floors prime real estate for great vinyl wall graphics. Using inexpensive but creative decals can help students cope with anxiety, and create sensory pathways that relieve stress and increase student involvement. Other ways these signs can be used include:

  • Listing classroom guidelines
  • Designating areas for reading/writing/silent contemplation
  • Bring characters into the classroom, like superheroes and princesses
  • Interactive washable schedules
  • Creative Reward charts

Since vinyl is easy to clean, move and reuse it is the perfect material to create interesting new ways for children to feel like they’re part of the classroom in more ways than simply learning in it!

4. Entertaining Prospects

When renting a hall or interior area for parties or major events, poking holes in walls or applying adhesives to mount graphics is usually looked down upon. This makes creating a unique space for a wedding or big party very difficult. Instead of being forced to work with existing decorations, window graphics and wall decals make an excellent temporary solution!

5. The Digital Age

An innovative way to bring some fun to an area is to include digital signage. These specialized graphics displays allow you to show a variety of information with both static and video images. This lets you keep your employees and customers informed with constant updates. Your sign can switch between displaying menus, posting sales, listing events and much more.

The ability to change designs on a whim makes these interior company signs more versatile than traditional alternatives. You can change the look and feel of your location quickly, making it a hotspot for creative employees. If a design isn’t working, you can update in no time to find an idea that works best.

6. Toilet Humor

No matter where you work, there’s going to be bathrooms. Having standard contemporary signs is expected but customers and employees will probably find them boring. By injecting some humor into these designs, it indicates that your establishment wants to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Are you looking to add some fun to your space? Rely on the experts at Signs By Tomorrow®.

When it comes to making high-quality and creative interior signs, you can trust Signs By Tomorrow to bring you the best in the business. Our expert staff will help you find the right solutions for your project. We invite you to learn more about what Signs By Tomorrow can do for you. To get started, contact us today.

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