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Take your business — and brand — to new heights with custom pylon signs

A popular choice among gasoline stations, restaurants and hotels along major highways as well as malls, stores and other businesses, pylon signs from Signs By Tomorrow® Spartanburg stand taller than other signage options. These tall signs alert shoppers in search of your business or who are just passing by your location.

Pylon signs — which are also called pole signs or freestanding signs — are outdoor signs that are frequently mounted on one or two poles. They can be single sided or double sided. They’re usually lighted and often installed on a business property but not attached to a building.

Single-business pylon signs often feature one large lightbox to showcase the company’s name and logo. Pylon signs for malls and shopping centers, on the other hand, consists of several lightboxes built into a base made of metal, stone or brick. Each tenant's logo is featured on a separate lightbox face. This layout promotes the presence of more than one business.

Because of their height, pylon signs can catch the eye of motorists from long distances. This gives drivers time to exit a freeway or otherwise slow down and turn into your location. Of course, not all pylon signs tower above all others. Your choice can be only as tall as good taste — and local signage height restrictions — allow!

Select from all types of pylon signs

At Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg, you’ll choose from these styles in pylon signs:

  • Single-pole mount pylon signs: The classic single-pole design offers a simple and economical solution for elevating the identity of your business over obstructions. It’s also ideal for high-rise applications at heights to 80 or even 100 feet for long-distance visibility.
  • Twin-pole mount pylon signs: Double-pole structures provide greater stability for larger sign applications. Some marketers, of course, simply prefer the look of twin poles instead of one for the design of their pylon signs!
  • Covered-pole pylon signs: Pole covers conceal a pylon sign’s structural pole (or poles) to improve the visual appeal. The cover can be designed and built to almost any shape for a unique, one-of-a-kind look.
  • Custom lightbox pole signs: Typically used by shopping centers and malls, these pole signs look like very tall monument signs. They feature multiple lightboxes to display the names and logos of tenant businesses. 

Enhance your choice with these options

Many businesses elect to improve the visibility or versatility of their pylon signs through custom design choices from Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg:

  • External lighting: Illuminate your pylon sign with spotlights positioned on the ground or mounted to the sign itself.
  • Lightboxes: These feature a translucent panel that showcases the name and logo of a business. Internal fluorescent lamps or LEDs (light-emitting diodes) backlight the panel and call viewer attention to the store or restaurant at night. Some pylon signs feature a single lightbox. Others, such as those used by shopping centers, incorporate lightboxes for many retailers.
  • LED message boards: These display changeable messages that promote sales, new inventory, special events and more. Dynamic moving images, LED panels catch the eye of passersby more effectively than static, non-moving signage. These electronic light displays are computer controlled and allow businesses to change their messaging on demand.

Use pylon signs in multiple applications

Offering excellent visibility, pylon signs from Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg are a popular choice for users including: 

  • Car dealerships
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complexes
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping plazas
  • Truck stops

Questions & Answers

If pylon signs are so noticeable, aren’t they a great choice for every application?

No, a tall pylon sign that’s sited in a neighborhood with a mixed zoning pattern would likely not fit the character of the area. Cities recognize this and many limit pylon signs to locations near major highways or in industrial areas. That said, pylon signs can be effective at moderate heights and may be permitted for the application you envision. Ask your Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg signage professional for expert advice on your best options.

Do pylon signs go by names other than pole signs or freestanding signs?

Yes, they do. Within the industry, pylon signs are commonly referred to as road signs and highway signs. Use any of these terms at Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg. We’ll know right away what you’re talking about!

What's the difference between monument signs and pylon signs

Height is the difference. Monument signs are about as tall as a person, whereas pylon signs usually soar high above a business. Many shopping centers stack lightbox above lightbox featuring different retailers to create what are, in effect, extra-tall monument signs. These are also called pylon signs!

See inspiring examples of our many types of pylon signs

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. For a more in-depth look at some options, use the links below. 

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Spartanburg professional, call us at 864-574-3689 or email us.

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