Signs to help your new business find the right employees


Signs to help your new business find the right employees

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You just started a new business – congratulations! But even the best business ideas can’t be executed all by one person. You now need to find talented, professional individuals to come work with you to help drive your vision and bring in customers and clients. 

Unfortunately, hiring staff can be one of the biggest challenges that new businesses face. In fact, a study by Indeed found that 56 percent of small business owners struggle to find the right kind of employees to help them grow. 

When it comes time to hire new employees for your new business, think about how you can use the following to bring attention to staff openings: 


Large, vibrant banners saying “Now Hiring!” can get plenty of interested eyes on your location. If you’re holding an open house or special hiring event, make sure to use one to note the date and time of it so they know when to come by to meet you! Feather flags are also a great alternative banner option that can add a dynamic flair to the outside of your location, all while still showing that you’re open and hiring. 

Yard Signs

Want to reach your surrounding community and neighborhoods in your search for new hires? Yard signs are a great option. Stake them throughout your community to ensure that people know that you’re hiring, and word will quickly get around! It’s easy to design these affordable, versatile signs in a way that contains your business name, location and phone number so everyone knows who’s looking for employees. 

Window Graphics

If you have enough staff to open up shop but are looking to fill in some vacancies, consider window graphics. Placing a window graphic right at eye level on your business’s front doors or windows can convey that you’re still looking for talented employees, but in a way that isn’t quite as in-your-face as other options. 

We know that new businesses face struggles and challenges of all sorts, especially when it comes to marketing – and we’re here to help. Count on your local signs and graphics pros at Signs By Tomorrow to provide a helping hand, no matter what your needs may be. Contact us today to set up a free consultation! 


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