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Stand out in a sea of competing exhibits with an eye-catching custom trade show booth

No matter if you attend but one exhibit or a full schedule of events each year, Signs By Tomorrow® can provide you with the trade show booths and promotional graphics to get your brand noticed. Our experienced design consultants can transform your vision into a booth or display that’s attractive, functional … and affordable.

Consider the many advantages of trade show marketing

The benefits of exhibiting at trade shows are well known to many event marketers. To begin, you’ll be reaching an audience that, by their very attendance, have expressed an interest in your products or services! For example, customers interested in restaurant supplies will attend shows relating to these products, whereas prospects focused on office furniture will go to distinctly different events.

While exhibiting, you’ll gain an opportunity to make a positive first impression. You’ll meet prime prospects face-to-face and elicit immediate feedback on your offerings. Better yet, it’s a great chance to garner future sales leads as well as sign immediate deals!

Another plus to exhibiting at trade shows? It’s scalable. Small and mid-sized businesses and even start-ups can participate. You can “cherry pick” only the most promising opportunities. And, with a wide range of trade show booth and display solutions from Signs By Tomorrow, you can get the greatest benefit from your event marketing budget.

Enjoy a complete range of trade show booths and displays

Specialists in providing event marketing display and signage solutions, Signs By Tomorrow offers a trade show display and custom booth design that’s sure to meet your needs:

  • Modular displays: Offering the ultimate in flexibility, modular displays employ a series of lightweight frames and displays to create a custom exhibition space. They’re prized by event marketers in that they’re reusable and reconfigurable. In fact, custom modular trade show displays allow for an almost infinite variety of display widths, lengths and heights. Want to “go big” at one show and display more modestly at the next? Custom modular displays for trade shows are the ideal solution!

  • Panel-and-frame booths: These are perhaps the most common type of exhibit booths. They feature a series of interconnected panels that join to provide a complete, freestanding display space. Note: While offering good flexibility and excellent customization options, panel-and-frame exhibits require a greater degree of onsite set-up than some other options.

  • Pop-up displays: As the name implies, a pop-up trade show display employs a flexible graphic panel that’s contained within a spring-loaded roller. When ready for set-up, you extend or “pop up” the framework, unroll the custom-printed graphic and secure it tautly to the frame. Mission accomplished! Pop-up trade show displays come in a variety of sizes. Display panels can be curved or flat. Beyond quick set-up and arresting graphics, event marketers like pop-ups because they're light and easy to transport. Many connect several pop-ups together in an interrelated series to tell a larger story or make a greater impact!

  • Tension fabric displays: Tension fabric trade show exhibits employ aluminum poles and extrusions to stretch large fabric images across the display. Tension fabric is prized for the quality of its four-color images, making these displays a highly attractive option. Tension fabric displays work well as the back walls for trade show booths. They can be created in many custom sizes and shapes for other display purposes. Another plus? Most tension fabric displays set-up and break down readily. They are light in weight for easy shipping and storage.

  • Trade show table covers: Sometimes termed throw covers or table runners, these are custom-designed graphics on cloth that drape over a table. By printing your logo or graphic on the front of the trade show table cover, you turn your table into a promotional billboard for your business or organization!

  • Banner stands: While not exactly a trade show booth design, banner stands join the discussion because they’re positioned near so many trade show displays to draw added attention to them. Easily portable, they come in many sizes and shapes. Retractable types are especially popular. Your custom banner unrolls from a sturdy base for display. After the show, it retracts for easy shipping and storing!

Choose from a wide variety of trade show booth accessories and signage

The trade show pros at Signs By Tomorrow offer multiple ways in which to attract more visitors to your booth or enhance your presentation once they’ve arrived. We have all the accessories and signage needed to transform your exhibit space into an informative and welcoming area for all attendees, including:

  • Banners
  • Branded area rugs
  • Brochure holders
  • Custom table covers
  • Lighting
  • Literature racks
  • Podiums
  • Podium graphics
  • Promotional items and giveaways
  • Table covers
  • Table throws

Make the most of your trade show display opportunity

Trade show organizers generally offer four display positions to event marketers. Signs By Tomorrow can help you make your selection, or assist you in configuring your booth to the specific opportunity:

  • Inline trade show booths: Inline booths are often termed “linear” booths. They usually are arranged in a series along a straight line and have but one side exposed to an aisle. Beware of display or signage height restrictions with inline booths. Exhibit halls enforce these rules to ensure neighboring booths enjoy good visibility. Check first! You’ll make sure to design your booth within regulations. That way, height adjustments don’t need to be made onsite and at the last moment!

  • Island trade show booths: Island booths are exposed to trade show traffic from all four sides. Of course, you’ll enhance the number of visitors by leaving all four sides of the island booth open when designing your trade show display.

  • Peninsula trade show booths: As the name implies, a peninsula booth is one that’s exposed to an aisle on three sides. These are popular among event marketers in that peninsulas enjoy excellent visibility and good traffic. You can often gain extra notice by hanging signage on the back wall or suspending it from the ceiling directly over your peninsula booth.

  • Perimeter trade show booths: Perimeter booths are inline booths that line the perimeter walls of an exhibit space. Considered by many as premium positions, perimeter booths enable event marketers to take advantage of the high back walls to mount larger-size banners or other signage. The big signs will attract more attention and likely more prospects to your booth!

Questions & Answers

Are trade show booths available for rent?

Yes, you can rent trade show booth from Signs By Tomorrow. A rental often makes more sense than a purchase, at least at the start. You’ll enjoy many of the advantages of having your own custom trade show booth without having to make an immediate purchase or commit to a specific format. Renting a trade show booth from Signs By Tomorrow also allows you to test various types and sizes before deciding on one that’s best for your company, organization or nonprofit.

See inspiring examples of our many types of trade show booths

Visit our Inspiration Gallery for creative ideas for your next project. To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today.

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow West Palm Beach professional, call us at 561-688-9100 or email us.

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