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Elevate your messaging with custom pole banners

Pole banners are a popular and affordable advertising option that are frequently seen along main streets, in parks and on campuses. Though they’re often used to promote seasonal events or limited offerings, pole banners are also great for helping to carry your branding throughout a large space.

While pole banners – also called lamp post banners, street pole banners, boulevard banners or avenue banners – are most frequently used outside, they can also be used indoors. When you work with Signs By Tomorrow Bellingham, we’ll examine your business or organization’s needs to determine what options will work best for you.

What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Pole Banners?

Pole banners can be used inside and outside, though where you place them will impact what they’re made out of.

While some outdoor pole banners are made of 13-ounce vinyl just like indoor versions, many feature 16-ounce or 18-ounce vinyl for its greater durability in applications where they may be exposed to the wind, rain, sun and snow. For this reason, outdoor pole banners are also equipped with grommets, whereas indoor pole banners do not feature grommets. These metal-rimmed eyelets enable users to attach rope or ties for greater stability in the breeze.

Indoor pole banners Signs By Tomorrow Bellingham are created of smooth, block-out vinyl with your custom design printed on both sides. Block-out means it’s opaque so a design on one side of the pole banner won’t show through on the other. And f or optimum visibility, indoor pole banners typically feature a matte finish.

How Are Pole Banners Installed?

Mounting is easy. You’ll begin by attaching two horizontal arms or supports with hardware, so they’ll extend from a pole, post or wall. Two sewn-in pockets or sleeves at the top and bottom of the pole banner allow you to slide the banner onto the two extending arms. In minutes, you’re displaying your promotional message!

Pole banners are typically mounted well off the ground for excellent visibility. What's more, they use space that's not often needed for any other reason. Accordingly, many marketers opt to use several at a time to create a striking visual effect.

If you’re considering incorporating pole banners into your indoor or outdoor marketing plans, contact Signs By Tomorrow Bellingham. We’ll set up a free consultation to discuss your needs!

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow Bellingham professional, call us at 360-676-7117 or email us.

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