File Preparation

Sending us a File?

Small files (up to 20 meg) can be sent via email. For files larger than 20 meg up to 500 meg please request a userid & password to upload to our FTP site. We can accept the following types of files:  

Vector Art - Adobe Illustrator CS MAC & CS5 PC platforms, Corel Draw 9.0

Raster Images - Adobe Photoshop CS MAC & CS5 PC platforms, Corel Photo Paint 9.0, Tif & Bmp images

Text files- Word XP, Word Perfect (text only no graphics)

Adobe PDF files - occasional problems with these files, fonts may drop out or change and low resolution images will have very poor quality.  For best results use the PDF/X standard.

JPG files - Save at 150 dpi at full size only . Do not add additional compression.

GIF files WILL NOT WORK if they have to be enlarged

Images taken from a  Web site WILL NOT WORK and you may be in violation of copyright laws if you do not own the images.

 Please Note: Not all files convert correctly. When sending your file please include a color printout of the completed file so we can verify the file we convert matches your original and make necessary corrections if possible. In some cases we may ask you to resend the file in a different format. If in doubt, please call us to discuss acceptable file formats and alternatives.

 When preparing your file please select all text (including shadows) and convert to outlines, curves or paths. This will eliminate problems with MAC and PC font conversions.  Also please add the proper file extension to the file name when saving the file for our use.   The placed file in your document may be a low-resolution file and might produce a very poor quality print when enlarged. To obtain a high quality print, please include a separate file of each logo or graphic placed or imbedded in your main file.   When saving .bmp or .tif images save them at 100% of actual size and at a resolution of 100 to 150 DPI depending on the final viewing distance. If you are not sure, please contact us to discuss the resolution required.  

 Save your files in RGB mode. Color Conversion will be better if saved in RGB mode. Include ICC color profiles with the saved file.   Emailed files sometimes corrupt when emailed from a Mac to a PC. If you are emailing a file from a Mac, add the proper file extension onto the filename, and then Zip or Stuff the file before you email it.  

 We use cut vinyl and CMYK printing to produce your signs. Some variation from pantone colors may result. When referencing Pantone colors use the Pantone solid to process color charts to see the approximate color difference CMYK printing will produce. Please advise us if absolute color matching is required and we will send color proofs for approval before the job is completed.  In some cases, we will not be able to absolutely match the colors.

Top 5 File Problems

Please check for these issues before you send your files:

The resolution of images is too low.

Fonts are not embedded in the PDF.

The wrong color space is used.

The information about trim or bleed is incorrect

There is an inconsistency with the native file. The original file (as viewed in the application it was created in) looks different from the PDF you have created.  Hairlines, gradients or fonts & text may have changed.