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Stand out from the competition with 3D signs and dimensional lettering.

There are few better ways to add class and professionalism to your business than with 3D signs. Commonly called 3D, three-dimensional or raised letters, 3D signs add an element of depth along with width and height to literally stand out from the surface they’re mounted on.

3D lettering is available in virtually any standard type or custom fonts, and can be from metal, acrylic, plastic and even rusted steel. This is just the beginning of the choices when making this worthwhile investment. In addition, Signs By Tomorrow will help you get to grips with sign placement, local code requirements, the installation process, and maintenance. We can also advise you on lighting options to help your brand stand out at night. Imagine the dramatic effect of your backlit logo on the roof or on a monument sign by the road.

With so much to consider, you don’t want to risk a bad experience just to save a few bucks. Signs By Tomorrow has in-field experience, materials and tools you can rely on. Plus you’ll save time and eliminate hassles by working with our one-stop solutions team, who will give you more than you expect, all at fair price with no surprises.

Whether you’re considering 3D signs for one location or several, let Signs By Tomorrow show you the same versatility and results we’ve provided for hundreds of other businesses in communities across the country. Contact us to schedule a complimentary review of your location and goals.

3D signs are an attractive and effective way to capture consumer attention and draw them to your place of business. Commonly called 3D, three-dimensional or raised letters, they add an element of depth along with width and height to literally stand out from the surface they’re mounted on. The term “dimensional lettering” also applies to dimensional logos and dimensional numbers.

These 3D signs from Signs By Tomorrow® Temecula Valley can benefit businesses and organizations of all types. Exterior dimensional letters are typically installed directly to the façade of buildings as storefront or building-side signs. Eye-catching solutions, they are also commonly incorporated into monument signs or mounted on post-and-panel signs to enhance their appeal.

Consider the advantages of dimensional letters

A quick look around your town will confirm that three-dimensional letters, logos and numerals like those offered by Signs By Tomorrow Temecula Valley are highly popular. Their benefits include:

  • Greater visibility: 3D signs, logos and numerals are more visible than flat, two-dimensional signage. As a result, raised letters are the best choice for catching the eye of motorists and pedestrians.
  • Professional appearance: Dimensional letters look more sophisticated than most other options. If you want to put your company or organization’s best face forward, raised letters are a great place to start!
  • Excellent versatility: Exterior dimensional letters are offered in a wide variety of materials with options for all signage budgets. As for typefaces and colors, there’s sure to be a perfect match with your other marketing materials to maintain consistent branding.
  • Illumination options: Dimensional letters fabricated in stainless steel can be backlit with LEDs or face-lit with a translucent acrylic face. 3D cast metal letters can also be backlighted. You can illuminate other dimensional letters with spotlights to make them more visible at night.

Select from a variety of materials for your 3D signs

Signs By Tomorrow Temecula Valley designs and fabricates 3D letters from many materials. This selection assures that you’ll find exactly the right dimensional letters to fit your application, style and budget:

  • Acrylic 3D lettering: Custom acrylic dimensional lettering is lightweight and highly durable. It’s offered in a wide variety of standard and custom colors.
  • Aluminum dimensional letters: Affordable and durable, aluminum is a popular choice for exterior dimensional lettering. It can be cut from flat sheets or cast by pouring molten metal into a mold. Aluminum letters can be painted in any hue — including custom colors to match your branding.
  • Cut brass dimensional letters: A great choice for classic, professional-looking signage, cut brass 3D letters are offered in polished or brushed satin finish.
  • Cut bronze raised letters: Seeking a traditional look? Go with cut bronze dimensional letters. Finishes include brushed, oxidized or polished.
  • Cut copper dimensional letters: Another time-honored material, 3D outdoor copper letters are available with brushed or polished finishes.
  • Cut stainless steel 3D lettering: Combining superior corrosion resistance with a sophisticated appearance, cut stainless steel dimensional letters are a favorite choice. Select a brushed, mirror-polished or orbital finish.
  • Formed-plastic dimensional letters: Injection-molded to a three-dimensional shape, these letters, logos and numerals are an affordable choice.
  • High-density urethane (HDU) raised letters: Also called high-density foam, HDU is a budget-friendly choice. It can be fabricated in thicknesses up to three inches and faced with acrylic or metal laminates.
  • Rusted-steel dimensional letters: When exposed to weather, cut letter in Corten steel develops a light layer of rust. The natural rust finish provides a highly distinctive option.

Questions & Answers

What styles of typography are possible with 3D signs?

3D lettering is available in almost all standard type fonts. As for custom fonts, cut metal letters are usually recommended. The cost to produce custom molds for cast metal letters would be feasible only if producing multiple sets, say for multiple branches or franchises.  

Is there any benefit to dimensional cast metal letters over flat-cut metal letters?

Cast metal letters are hollow in the back and offer greater depth than flat-cut dimensional lettering.

How are dimensional sign letters mounted?

Dimensional lettering is typically installed using stud mounts and spacers. A template assures proper spacing between signage elements. Rail mounts are also used. Rely on Signs By Tomorrow Temecula Valley for professional installation. We’ll also help ensure your outdoor dimensional lettering adheres to regulation code requirements.

See inspiring examples of our many types of outdoor 3D signs

To speak with a Signs By Tomorrow pro for a solution that meets your needs and budget, contact us or drop in today. 

To see how custom outdoor dimensional lettering can be incorporated into other signage to enhance its appearance, use the links below. 

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