High-Impact Styrene Frames

High-Impact Styrene Frames are tough, practical, and good-looking. They are available in a variety of colors, corners, standard sizes, and configurations so you can use them on all the interior signs for your next project.

High-Impact Styrene frames are available in Black, Gray, Brown, Almond, White, Navy, and Taupe. They can also be custom colored to match any color scheme.

Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket
The Wall/Ceiling Mount is used for projected signs. It is designed to hold two frames on either a wall
or ceiling and consists of three parts: an aluminum mounting bracket, a frame-holding bracket, and
a concealer cap. Available in white, black, grey, brown, or almond.

Half-Round Accents
The 8-inch half-round frame can be used to create a circular frame or to provide a round top or side to a rectangular frame.

Modular Directory
Starting with a 3" x 18" header and base, you can build a directory with as many 2" x 18" inserts as you need.

The sign face fits snuggly into the frame with snaplocks. Each positive locking button adheres to the back of the sign face and snaps securely into a slot in the frame. The face is easy to remove with the proper tool - a small suction cup - but difficult to pry off.

The frame back is designed either to accommodate standard hardware or for tape concealment.




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