Polycarve Exterior Signs

Polycarve Exterior Sign System

For several years now, Signs By Tomorrow, Arlington Heights has been selected as the primary signage provider for multiple property management companies in the Chicagoland area. Rather than simply being a vendor, we became their creative partner.

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Polycarve sign set into brick monument sign Post & panel polycarve sign for pool area
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Post & panel custom shape ID sign Post & panel custom shape directional sign


We created an exterior signage system utilizing Polycarve, a laminated high-density polyethylene. The advantage of having such an adaptable system is brand consistency throughout various properties. Polycarve can withstand weathering better than conventional substrates and is tough and vandal-resistant. Virtually nothing sticks to it, and with a minimum of 10 years of durability, with limited maintenance, this material will outlast most wood and vinyl signs. It is entirely waterproof, and will not rot or delaminate. The signs are produced locally, in-house, and installed by our experienced and knowledgeable installation team.

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Post & panel polycarve sign system Polycarve custome shape activites area sign
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Polycarve custom shape parking sign Polycarve accessible & resident parking sign


The resulting product adds to the esthetics of any given property, creating an unobtrusive, yet visually effective and complementary, high-end signage system. Such a system underscores the professionalism of the property management company, contributes to the appearance of a well-maintained, property and provides much needed information and directions to current and future residents.

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Post & panel welcome sign Polycarve pool rules sign In-house CNC routed signage