Our Values

Creatiing Solutions for Client Success Is our driving force.

When engaged with a client or prospect, our first thought is how we can achieve their goal. At a graphics company, CREATIVITY is key! Creating DESIGNS that capture attention,that communicate clearly, that create the desire to act. To SBT however, it is not just design that requires creativity. Our most valuable products are SOLUTIONS, not signage.

Zero Defects
Quality should not be reduced to a percentage as this removes focus from the individual error. When a shipper fails to deliver an overnight package, a comment that they achieve timely delivery 99% of the time does not solve the problem - we care about this time. We strive for zero defects and that means no errors and never letting our client down. When an error does occur, it is recorded on our quality board so that error can be reviewed and a solution found that will ensure we don't keep making the error. Our focus is on determining why the error occured, how it impacted our client, and what we can do to prevent this type of error from occuring again.

We agree with Aristotle…Quality is not an act, it’s a habit! SBT has a team of professional installers ready to assist you. We’re also glad to provide installation directions on those basic installations when our clients prefer the “do it yourselves” approach.

You deserve a sign when you want it and how you want it, so it's our job to make that happen. Although clients don't often see the physical work that goes into making our products, they are with us every step of the way. Once your project is underway, a timeline is put in place. We are focused on meeting the deadlines necessary to make your vision possible even when you (our client) can't always see it.

Unified Effort
Our team's approach to creating “Signs that Work” was best expressed by Cash Penney - “The best teamwork comes from men who are working  independently James  toward one goal in unison." And what is that common goal? To provide “Creative Solutions for Client Success.”
Sign & Design that Work, When YOU need them and at a great Value.

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