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Looking for information on Banners, signs, graphics, design, and digital printing?  Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand the sign making and banner buying process. 


At Signs By Tomorrow-Allentown we are a local custom sign shop with experienced sign makers dedicated to making your signage order as easy as possible throughout the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Lehigh Valley area(and nation wide). Please read below our Frequently Asked Signage Questions. If your question isn’t answered below please Click Here  to send your question to your Signs By Tomorrow-Allentown signage consultant.


How visible will my signs and banners be?

Different fonts and color combinations can effect distance readability  in addition, if your sign is being read while driving in a car or walking past will change the design and color/font combinations.  Our experienced design team will ensure your sign is readable in any situation.

We have dedicated the resources to find out maximum sign readability distance.  Our staff is training in understanding maximum and maximum signage text impact and readability.  Local and national experts in custom made banners and signs, at Signs by Tomorrow Allentown we will customize your sign for your specific signage purpose to reach your specific goals for visible impact.

How does full color graphics help my image on signage and banner jobs?

Full color graphics have the potential to make your business more professional and consistently branded. High resolution and full color graphics also increase the customer’s perception of the quality of the service and/or product.  Our full color sign and banner machines have been the first to be integrated in the Lehigh Valley Sign and banner market.  As the first to bring in the full color printing process we have materered the skills and techniques to print and prepare your signs and banners fast.  Each order is given special attention and test printing is done on all work to ensure photographic quality printing. 

Note:  We will not print your job just to complete the task - we value our work and want to ensure crisp photographic quality images.  All work is checked by our production team and signs makers and double checked by our graphic arts department and graphic designers to ensure your image is of the highest quality on your sign and banner.  Please read below for tips on ensuring high quality images when sending files to our graphic designers. 

What file format can I use if I email it to you?  And how should my artwork be saved for high quality Sign and Banner printing?

Generally, .ai, .eps, and .pdf format is preferred for sending email files.  If your files are too large to send over email our team at Signs By Tomorrow in Allentown can make you an individual account member to our website to upload artwork directly to our FTP(File Transfer Protocol) site to ensure quick and accurate transer of your artwork files . 

If your files are in other formats contact us to speak with a design consultant.  

Jpegs, PDF, PSD - Make sure your files are set at a high resolution DPI to ensure photographic quality prints on your custom sign or banner. 

Any vectorized artwork does not typically need a set DPI constraint for the sign making process.

How fast will my signs and banners be ready for me to pick up?

All signs and banners are custom made.  Having this in mind the time may very from job to job.  With a name like Signs By Tomorrow we value our speed as leaders in the sign making industry.  On most jobs we pride ourselves on our policy to complete your sign or banner in one day or less.  If you approve artwork at 12:00Pm today it will be completed by 4:00Pm tomorrow. 

In some cases we can produce your sign or banner in the same day.  This is not recommended as the inks used in the sign making process need time to cure properly to prevent damage to the sign.  It takes a minimum of 24 hours to produce your sign and ensure the quality. 

If you are in a situation where you need a sign now.  Give us a call or email and we will do our best to take care of you and get your sign job done for your deadline.

Please remember that vehicle wraps may only take a day to produce and print but the process of installing the graphics could take a few hours to a few days, depending on the application.

Wall Murals and Wall graphics must have at least 72 hours of drying time to ensure the life of the print on your wall without curling or distortion to your print.

What’s the difference between a partial vehicle wrap and a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap covers every area of exposed paint on the vehicle – while a partial wrap might only cover a side or a body panel.  Partial wraps are a great way to stay within budge, incorporate the existing colors and reach your target audience with imact. 

When it comes to marketing and advertising we will ensure you get what you need for your particular vehicle.  Not every vehicle needs wall to wall photographic prints. Your vehicle graphics are about you.  Let our graphic deigners find the right vehicle graphic for your budget.  Just starting out?  Have our grphics art team integrate the design and paint of your car into your partial vehicle wrap.

Do you have a larger budget for your companies fleet vehicles?  Let us fill your need for full vehicle wraps and provide affordable a vehicle graphic with our expert design and installation team. 

Vehicle wraps are great, what is even better it to create a mobile advertising campaign for you the is of the highest design and within your advertising budget.  We are here to help and pride ourselves on being able to help our customers meet their needs.

Is the color I see on my monitor accurate to what I’ll receive on my signs or banners?

Because color is subjective and can be produced by many methods, there may be slight variations in the way color appears. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will, in almost all cases, be able to provide the specified color.

Do I need laminate on my sign?

In many cases, lamination is not required to produce a durable product, but can enhance the appearance and will extend the life of any sign.  We recommend lamination for all outdoor long life expectancy signage.

The following are considered temporary signage: Banners, Coroplast, PVC, FoamBoard, Polystyrene.  In most cases one does not need to have these signs laminated. 

Lamination brings out colors, while adding a semi-gloss to gloss look to your sign.  Invest in lamination and get a higher life expectancy of your signs, while enhancing color printing quality.

Do you provide installation services for Signage?

There are different types of sign installations, and Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown can handle them all. We will make sure that the installation is completed on time and within budget.  From banners to industrial illuminated pylon signage.  We will be your single source solution for signage manufacturing from design to installation. 

Can Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown provide on-site consultations?

We are more than happy to meet with you at your location to help provide the correct solution for your signage needs.  Give us a call, in most cases we can find the right solution for you over the phone; saving your company time and allowing you to focus on your daily responsibilities.

How much will my sign or banners cost?

Pricing on signs is roughly based on durability, intricacy of design, amount of material used, and colors involved in the manufacturing process.  At Signs By Tomorrow-Allentown we only use the highest quality of materials in the manufacturing process in the long run this will ensure that your signage lasts longer; providing you a larger return on your investment by saving you money, time, and hassle.  Outside of these primary factors, there are certain materials which are inherently more expensive than others. Click here to request a quote on your next signage project.  Do not be surprised if we are not the cheapest, we will not sacrafice our quality of signage or banners for price.

What are SIgns By Tomorrow Store hours?

Our custom signage store is open from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We also hold Saturday hours by appointment as well.

What is the process for determining the best sign for my needs?

We begin every project with a new customer discussing the intention or purpose of the sign. Where will the sign be viewed? How will the sign be placed or installed? Etc. This series of questions will help us determine the best materials, colors and mounting methods in constructing your sign to achieve your desired outcome.

Give us a call and we will help to find the best solution for your desired outcome.  From banners to pylon signage we will find the best sign for your individual goals.

Do you make signs in standard sizes?

At Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown, we make customs signs and banners, so we can build your sign at any size needed to achieve your desired outcome. There are some standard sizes for basic real estate signs and some regulatory signs, such as parking signs, but the majority of the signs we produce are designed to fit the needs of the customer and the variables of where the sign will be displayed.

Can I really have my sign by tomorrow?

Yes. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality signs, when you need them. Our policy is that for most signs, all orders approved by noon today will be ready no later than 4pm tomorrow. In some cases, we can even have your signs the same day.

How long will this sign last?

At Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown, we use a wide variety of materials in the construction of our signs. We have materials that are preferred for short-term applications as well as materials that will withstand the test of time.  We will only choose the materials you want to fit your budget, but remember this.  As you know the higher quality of materials used in the production of your sign will last longer and provide a higher return on your investment. 

What colors show up the best on Signs and Banners?

The choice of color is a very important aspect when considering the effectiveness of a particular message. Our expert designers will work with you to ensure the colors selected for your sign not only stand out but match your company brand.

Can you use a digital image from my camera for my Sign or Banners?

Yes, but there are limitations with enlarging digital images, therefore, quality may suffer. Contact us to discuss your specific image and the ability to incorporate the image into your new sign.  At Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown we have a professional photographer available for your needs, give us a call and for an additional cost we can send our PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER to your location to shoot your product or service as you and your customer see it. 

Do you make business cards, flyers, brochures, menu boards, promotional products, trophies, and menus?

Signs By Tomorrow of Allentown is your single source solution for all of your advertising and marketing ventures.  We will produce all of your products and graphic arts needs.  We are more than signs, we are a solutions provider.  If you need Business Cards, Flyers, Menus, Postcards, Marketing Material, Labels, Stickers, and Stationary; Imagine It...we can do it!  Give us a call and we can create an all encompassing marketing or advertising package for you. 

What type of file and resolution do I need?

We accept many different types of files including: .pdf, .ai, .eps and .jpeg. The higher the resolution the better but depending on the size of the sign and the viewing distance we can work with different levels of resolution.